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Managing Your GM Partners: A Better Way To Do It

Managing a global workforce is a collaborative endeavor. Doing it well requires the coordination of multiple teams and individuals within your organization. This includes global mobility, HR, business stakeholders, line managers and your employees themselves. 

To successfully coordinate assignments and moves, you also need open communication with the service providers and partners that provide immigration, tax, relocation and other services to your employees. Your relationships with these external players impact the speed at which you can place talent where they need to be—and the experience of employees undergoing change. 

Historically, dealing with service providers requires significant amounts of transactional administrative work. But what if you could streamline the provision of specialist services and boost your organizational agility?  

Through the Equus Ecosystem, you can connect with Partner Providers that offer a standard connection with Equus applications. It provides complete transparency for your mobility program, increasing your ability to gain value from your data and maximize productivity as you navigate today’s ever-changing business environment. Here are some of the key ways using our Ecosystem can benefit your business.  

Boost GM Team Efficiency

The Equus Ecosystem allows you to automatically initiate services from external providers and enables data to flow both ways with your partners. This means the GM team no longer has to manually enter employee data and work in multiple systems to set up services. This increases your overall efficiency. It also helps you to pivot quickly based on changing business circumstances and spend more time on high-value tasks such as one-to-one employee interactions.   

Secure Sensitive Employee Information 

Coordinating services with service providers may involve sending sensitive information about an employee’s identity and travel details outside the company. The Equus Ecosystem ensures all employee data is protected and moves through a secure gateway—and that it is no longer transferred via insecure email solutions.  Furthermore, Employees, GM teams and service providers all have role-based access to information. Everyone sees only what they need to.  

GM Smart On Partner Management

Using the Ecosystem, you’ll have access to real-time data on provider performance—how many orders you initiate with each one, how quickly services were delivered and more. Having this information at your fingertips means you can easily monitor performance against goals and targets to ensure your partners are providing the high service levels you want for your employees.

Provide An Excellent Employee Experience

Data from the Equus Ecosystem flows into the Mobile Employee Experience so employees can view the real-time status of their move. This is convenient for employees. It can also speed up how quickly you can arrange immigration, tax and relocation services, things which can stall if the service providers are missing key documents such as passports and family details.  

Know More About Your GM Program

Linking up your entire global mobility value chain with the Ecosystem gives you visibility into all aspects of global workforce management. Through analyzing this data, you can better learn how to improve your agility and increase satisfaction for all stakeholders you collaborate with. You can also provide recommendations for improvements to the rest of the business that are supported with facts, increasing the chance others will listen.  

If you’re not using the Equus Ecosystem, your teams are probably spending a lot of time and energy managing service providers—when they could be managing your talent strategy and adding more value to your business.  

Contact us to learn more about how the Equus Ecosystem can boost your agility and help you navigate challenging times.  

Sheri Gaster

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