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Santa Fe Relocation: Upgrade and Enhancements in the Equus Ecosystem

For over 3 years, the Equus Ecosystem and Santa Fe Relocation have built a strong relationship and have worked together on connecting this very successful global mobility company to multiple clients. Santa Fe Relocation specializes in managing and delivering high quality relocation services worldwide, and focuses on their clients’ success and their assignees’ relocation experience, while delivering global solutions through their unique global coverage of offices and people.

For this reason, we consider this major upgrade as a very significant one for both Santa Fe and the Ecosystem, as it includes multiple enhancements:

  • Supporting repatriations: which allows information regarding home and host location to be activated by a client, when they send a repatriation order to Santa Fe.
  • Enabling additional services to be ordered automatically, instead of clients sending separate service orders for each new service being requested. This is a substantial improvement on Santa Fe’s connection, as it makes their connection much more competitive against providers with the same service type.
  • Adjusting Santa Fe’s milestone updates to comply to Ecosystem best practices. This resulted in a crucial upgrade: Santa Fe is now able to send even more data to clients.

Equus Platform clients who have an Ecosystem connections with Santa Fe will now be able to take advantage of this vast set of improvements, and additionally, new clients who are interested in connecting with them, will undoubtedly capitalize on the outstanding work that was made, and on the strong partnership we are proud to be a part of with Santa Fe Relocation.

For more information about the Santa Fe connection with the Ecosystem click here.

Raquel Figueiredo

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