A Proactive Approach to Immigration Case Management

Simplify how you initiate and track immigration cases - and gain access to data and insights to ensure your mobile employees stay compliant.


Make Managing Immigration Cases Easy

Simplify Processes

Equus automates complex immigration processes and eliminates the hassle of manual paperwork and fragmented communication. Smart workflows allow you to initiate and track immigration cases seamlessly, saving valuable time and resources.

Real-Time Status Updates

Equus provides real-time status updates, so you know precisely where each case stands at any given moment. Stay informed about progress, potential delays, and upcoming milestones, ensuring a proactive approach to case management.

Equus Immigration
Compliance Assurance

With our Immigration Solution, you can be confident that your immigration practices are compliant with local laws and requirements. Mitigate risks and safeguard your organization's reputation with our expertise in immigration compliance.

Integration and Reporting

Our platform integrates with your HR systems, consolidating data, improving reporting, and giving you valuable insights into immigration trends, issues, expenses, and timelines.

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End-to-End Case Management

We recognize the importance of efficient and compliant immigration processes for your global workforce. Our Immigration solution streamlines immigration procedures, ensures compliance, and supports your employees throughout their immigration journey.

Empowering Your Global Workforce

We understand the impact of immigration processes on your employees' experience. Our Immigration solution empowers your global workforce by providing clear communication, necessary resources, and personalized support. With Equus, your employees feel valued and confident as they embark on their immigration journey.

Four Benefits To Upgrading Your Immigration Tech

Effectively managing immigration is key to these aspects of global mobility success.


“How can a topic so complex be managed so simply? You are not charging enough!”

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Support Your Organization's Global Success

Get your entire mobile workforce moving with one, comprehensive platform.

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