Equus Remote Work
A simple, compliant way to manage remote work.
Automate remote work requests and identify risks to keep your business, and employees, compliant.

Take the risk (and admin) out of remote work.


Easily Manage Requests

Simplify the initiation and approval of remote work requests. 

Instantly Assess Risk

Rate risk in 8 key areas for automated approval routing and processing.

Automate Service Orders

Automatically notify teams and vendors for relocation, tax, or payroll services.

Empower your employees with easy request management.

Stop tracking requests manually. With Equus, employees can request to work remotely through a simple, user-friendly request form.

remote work software
remote work software

Customized to your company policies.

Aligned with your company policies, the Equus Platform standardizes the approval process and makes managing remote work requests fast and easy.

  • Automatically route risky cases for further review.
  • Instantly approve requests based on company specific criteria.
  • Customized dashboards to give managers the information they need.

Real-time data for informed decisions.

The Equus Platform integrates with your vendors and business systems for a single source of data. It gives you customizable dashboards to track employee requests and provides insights into all remote workers so you can improve policies and practices.



Assess Risk

Whether you're using our Compliance Engine or integrating with a third party, you can rest easy knowing employees are risk free.

  • Posted Workers

  • Personal Taxes

  • Permanent Establishment

  • Social Security

  • Payroll

  • Employment Law

  • Restricted Locations

remote work

Remote Work: Embracing Technology for Strategic Advantage

Learn how to embrace technology for strategic advantage when it comes to remote or hybrid work arrangements.

Equus addresses a key need within the global mobility market and displays comprehensive functionality and provides value for money or significantly optimizes costs.

Global Mobility Professional

Technology is something that augments the way we work with our clients, if our business was going to realize our potential and be successful in the long-term, we had to have a compelling, long-term technology solution. 

Accounting & Advisory Organization

Support Your Organization's Global Success

Get your entire mobile workforce moving with one, comprehensive platform.

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