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Navigate the complicated world of Business Travel with ease.
The Equus Platform makes it easy for organizations to track and manage their business travelers - all while staying compliant.

Stay on top of your business travel compliance.

Easily navigate the complicated world of travel approvals, cross-border taxes, and immigration requirements.



Connect with your network of service and travel providers for a seamless experience.



Stay up-to-date with real-time dashboards on all approved and non-approved travel. 



Manage the immigration, tax and social security risks with our compliance engine.



Create risk ratings and custom workflows based on your corporate risk policies.

Automate requests and approvals

Easily submit travel requests - while also automatically approving it based on your unique business policies. Travel that needs further review can be instantly routed to managers, providing a completely streamlined and automated experience.

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Get real-time insights

Stay informed with real-time insights and reporting on your business travelers' compliance status. Equus provides comprehensive analytics that give you a clear overview of your business travelers' activities, allowing you to identify potential compliance issues before they escalate.

for your business.

  • Customized Workflows

    We know business travel requirements are unique. That's why our Platform allows you to customize workflows tailored to your organization's needs.

  • Streamlined Compliance

    Define specific approval processes, document submissions, and compliance checkpoints to ensure a consistent and streamlined compliance process.

  • Efficient Communication

    Equus automates communication employees, HR teams, and compliance officers, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding compliance requirements and travel plans.

Make It Easy For Your Travelers

The Equus platform manages travel approvals, tracks tax and immigration thresholds, and produces scheduled and ad hoc reports on business travel - all configured to your specific policies and business needs.

We are working on reducing our risk around our Business Travelers by leveraging PinPoint to track where our employees have been and how much time they are spending in a country or state. This information enables us to make decisions around whether or not we need to involve our tax provider in reviewing the situation. We also intend to use it to flag potential immigration risks by reviewing their previous travel patterns and trends.

Multi-National Aerospace & Defense Company

Equus worked closely together with us to review all of our Business Travelers by entering their information into their PinPoint Travel Calendar through an interface with our travel provider. We then were able to run reports to identify who was at risk of crossing a tax threshold or had already crossed a threshold. Additional Business Travelers were identified “at risk” and we were able to take proactive actions to reduce the potential for additional compliance exposure and penalties.

Multi-National Aerospace & Defense Company
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business travel
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Navigating Business Traveller Employment Relations Minefields

Equus helps businesses navigate business traveler employment relations.

Looking to stay on top of your business travel compliance?

Start managing your business travelers with confidence today.

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