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Manage All Mobility Types In Assignmentpro For Greater Productivity, Insights And Compliance

Long gone are the days when global mobility teams managed only long-term traditional assignments. Today, working circumstances are diverse and involve everything from one-way relocations and international new hires, to business trips and remote workers.

Increasingly, global mobility teams are finding themselves responsible for numerous types of employee mobility with many still using basic tools such as Excel spreadsheets to manage them. However, spreading employee mobility data across multiple tools and platforms can be time-consuming and laborious, and makes it hard to get a clear view of what’s happening with your workforce.  

There’s A Better Way: Using One Centralized Platform To Manage All Mobile Employees

Equus AssignmentPro is being enhanced to support all types of employee mobility in one, central location—so you can manage your diverse, mobile workforce with ease. Managing the full range of mobility types, with tailored support for:

  • International & Domestic Relocations
  • International New Hires
  • Business Trips
  • International & Domestic Remote Workers
  • Short & Long Term Assignments
  • Immigration
  • Project Workers

Here are three immediate benefits you can expect by managing all of your mobile employees in AssignmentPro.

1. Greater Productivity

Using AssignmentPro your GM team no longer wastes time entering data into separate applications.  You can set up a new mobility type that’s tailored to your organization’s policies-and from then on, you can manage it alongside your entire mobile workforce – all from a single system. You can also take advantage of workflows and automation that streamline manual tasks, so your team has more time to focus attention where it really matters. 

2. Smarter Insights

When you manage your entire mobile population in AssignmentPro, you can run real-time reports that reveal trends about your program. Share these insights within your team and across the organization to improve efficiency and the overall experience for your employees—a key advantage in today’s competitive talent market.

3. Lower Compliance Risks

Identifying tax liabilities, immigration requirements, and other compliance concerns for each employee is essential for organizational success. Storing all of your mobility data in one place is a significant step towards achieving this. It helps you to improve compliance by providing easy access to analytics that point out potential areas of risk so you can promptly address them. Additionally automated workflows can generate alerts and reminders so you don’t miss key filing dates and deadlines. 

Employee mobility is changing, and with it comes new complexities that you’ll have to manage alongside the expanded scope of global mobility. This means that now more than ever, your GM team needs time-saving options. Using the right technology, you can boost productivity, remain compliant, and work smarter to better manage your workforce with global mobility technology. 

Click here for a click-through demo on how to manage all mobility types in the AssignmentPro platform.

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