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The Value of Integrating your Global Mobility Vendor Network

Across the Global Mobility industry, we’ve all heard the push to do more with less, but in practical terms what does this mean? Work harder? Work faster? Work smarter? All the above? We believe that by integrating your global mobility vendor network, the entire global mobility value chain benefits from a single, integrated system for all stakeholders to manage their mobile workforce.

What is the problem?

In the context of managing a Service Provider model, Mobility Teams are hampered with the administrative burden of accessing multiple systems to manually enter multiple data points which can lead to errors. Without first addressing the core challenges of a decentralized Service Provider model, Mobility Teams are always going to be up against it when trying to transition from tactical player to a strategic partner. So, what are these common hurdles?

  • Outdated Data: Service Providers manually send daily/weekly/monthly status reports, and often that data is almost immediately out of date when it arrives.
  • Miscommunications: Mobility Teams, Service Providers, and Employees can sometimes find out information at different times leading to awkward conversations or miscommunications where one party knows more than the other.
  • Same Requests: Employees get asked for the same information multiple times by different parties, wasting their time.
  • Login Here and Login There: Mobility Teams must deal with multiple Vendor portal logins to obtain information, with no way to join all the data into one status view.
  • Single Use Integrations: Service Providers and Mobility Teams waste their time creating custom integrations each time they change their Technology Provider or Service Provider.
What is the solution?

The Equus Ecosystem (Ecosystem) empowers the relocation lifecycle by facilitating real-time, two-way connection of standardized Employee, relocation, and service-related datasets and documents between the Equus Platform and Service Providers’ systems. The Ecosystem supports the most commonly requested types of services that can be ordered, updated, and cancelled from within the Equus Platform. These include everything from tax and immigration services to healthcare and temporary living services. Employee and relocation information are supported for each service type, as is spouse, domestic partner, and dependent information where appropriate.

Protecting the personal information of Employees throughout the mobility process is paramount in today’s data-driven world. By integrating the various data sets into a centralized system, the Ecosystem helps companies keep control of their global Employee data through a secure and encrypted gateway. The Ecosystem manages the secure transmission of service order-related messages between Equus Platform instances and Service Provider systems via web service-based APIs – all backed by industry-standard authentication methods (i.e., OAuth 2.0, RSA, X509) and encryption methods (i.e., TLS 1.2+).

What are the benefits?

An Ecosystem connection empowers your Mobility Team with visibility into the move status, compliance, costs, and program demographics—all consolidated with performance, KPIs, and Employee skills and experiences.

The benefits of integrating your global mobility vendor network can be seen in three distinct areas: Integrity, Accountability, and Synchronization:

  • Controlling global Employee data and documents through a secure and encrypted gateway instills confidence in data integrity.
  • KPI data for all Service Providers can be tracked in the Equus Platform which allows better tracking of activities and performance.
  • Updates are communicated instantly between all partners: the Employee, the Mobility Team, and the Service Providers, eradicating the need to relay information from system to system.

The value for Service Providers who choose to connect their systems to the Equus Ecosystem can be seen in three main areas: Access, Accuracy, and Satisfaction:

  • Initiations, Updates, and Cancellations are fed directly into their system giving Service Providers direct access to Employee information.
  • This cuts admin time, reduces manual errors and duplication, and improves the accuracy of Employee and Service data.
  • Standardized ecosystem connections allow Service Providers’ clients to benefit from the integration with minimal additional development efforts, ultimately delivering an exceptional Employee experience.
What next?

By leveraging the Equus Ecosystem and integrating your global mobility vendor network, companies can create a highly collaborative partner network that connects with their own internal systems to provide a single centralized experience to manage any aspect of their mobility program. Equus is continuously working to build new and more robust integrations with our growing network of partner providers, and we are proud of our market-leading Ecosystem.

Client Testimonial – German Retail Organization

“A huge part of the success of our technology implementation with Equus is that our mobility program is now governed in a single centralized platform. It is great that all of our Service Providers are now centralized in one system, and we no longer have to navigate to each respective Vendor portal to initiate or update a case. Definitely a great step forward. It is relatively easy to integrate and onboard new Vendors. We were able to set up a new Service Provider in the Equus Platform and have them operational in a matter of days. We were able to optimize our Vendor partnerships by centralizing all initiatives (instructions/data/documents) in a single platform. The Equus Platform also allowed us to easily adjust our working process with each respective Vendor for a tailored approach, enhancing internal performance and downstream employee experience.”

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Andrew Donaldson

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