Unleash the Power of Instant Data Insights

The Equus Platform centralizes mobility data and leverages powerful AI tools for fast, informed decisions.

Supercharge your global mobility program and turn ideas into actionable insights in seconds.

The Equus Platform transforms the way you approach mobility management by leveraging data to optimize your mobility strategy, allocate resources effectively, and drive measurable results.

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Actionable Analytics

Intuitive dashboards allow you to access critical information, monitor KPIs, track program milestones, and assess the impact of mobility on your organization's bottom line.

About Equus

Instant Insights

Analyze your mobility program data securely and easily with conversational prompts that will help you draw meaningful insights for fast and informed decisions.


Consolidated Data

Say goodbye to manual data entry and spreadsheet complexities - our Platform centralizes all your mobility data into one system for real-time visibility into your entire program. 


Make your data work for you.

Equus' AI Assistant queries your program's data securely, allowing you to work faster and smarter by analyzing huge amounts of data in seconds.

  • Assess team workload and capacity by various factors.
  • Explore new ways to elevate your program.
  • Interrogate your mobility data for compelling insights.

Real-time Insights to Uncover Business Impact

The Equus Platform consolidates program data to give you real-time insights into every aspect of your global workforce. Pre-defined dashboards help you analyze the impact your global mobility program has on your business - from talent retention, to recruiting, to successful business expansion, and more. 

  • Access a library of dashboards for insights into program performance.
  • Keep a real-time pulse on every aspect of your program.
  • Give your key stakeholders actionable data to support business strategy. 

Level Up Your Data Connectivity

Make your data work for you by seamlessly connecting with business systems for more power and insights. With simple, self-service connections that are flexible to meet your business needs, Equus APIs enable you to easily integrate with external systems to drive more data collaborations and insights. 

People API

The People API exchanges demographic information between the Equus Platform and your HR system, updating employee demographic and dependent data, compensation details, contact information, and creation of mobility initiations. 


A streamlined AIRINC connection is available for client to manage their AIRINC data directly in the Equus Platform, providing enhanced cost-estimate, compensation calculation and program benchmarking functionality

Document API

The Standard API allows document exchanges to and from another corporate system. Documents can be uploaded, downloaded and deleted via the API based on your business rules, ensuring higher level of security. 


The SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) API synchronizes existing user accounts with your corporate identity provider (IdP) to ensure access to the Equus Platform is correct – automatically updating roles if a person moves teams or leaves the company.

A Data-Driven Ecosystem

By integrating your supplier network with the Equus Ecosystem, you get access to a single source of data for greater analytical insights across your entire mobile workforce. Elevate your talent mobility strategies with comprehensive, real-time data.

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How IBM Is Using Equus And AI To Personalize Global Mobility

IBM’s self-service app allows employees to easily manage the budget and logistics of global assignments and moves.


“With key program data (assignment terms, volumes, cost and policy analytics) at the fingertips of the HRDs and Financial Controllers, Mobility has been able to adopt an agile and proactive position to aid the transformation and reshaping of our business and reduce IA program spend by over 40% within the past 3 years.”

Multi-National Aerospace & Defense Company

Support Your Organization's Global Success

Get your entire mobile workforce moving with one, comprehensive platform.

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