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Leveling-Up Mobility: JLR Partners with Equus Enhanced Support

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) first started using the Equus Platform (previously known as AssignmentPro) in 2016. As their program evolved, the company wanted to revamp its global mobility processes, with the aim of streamlining procedures, automating tasks, and elevating the overall employee experience. JLR turned to Equus Enhanced Support to partner and help them in this transformative journey.  

Together, JLR and Equus Enhanced Support tackled 4 key projects: 
    A welcomed success for the JLR mobility teams was the AIRINC API. The integration automated their processes – eliminating manual interventions and significantly enhancing operational efficiencies. 

  2. Merge Documents 
    Another quick win was the introduction of automated document creation  through merge docs, which has significantly reduced administrative tasks for the JLR team. Now documents, such as the medical insurance form and assignment letters, are automatically generated, pulling in personalized employee information and storing them in a secure location with easy access for employees through the portal.  

  3. Employee Portal
    To help improve the experience of their mobile employees, JLR launched the employee portal. This first phase provides employees with one place to access all their policies and documents. Looking ahead, JLR is excited to introduce new features to further enhance the experience for employees.  

  4. Quick Workflow 
    The Enhanced Support team helped JLR level-up their notification system, moving from standard notifications to automated and customized email alerts. This included notifications for scenarios like an employee’s move to Hypothetical Social Tax and Travel Lump Sum Payment. 

The Equus Enhanced Support team played a crucial role in this journey, providing a proactive approach to effective changes and consistently being available to address queries and make updates. 

As the collaboration extends into 2024, the roadmap for JLR and Equus is teeming with promise. This ongoing partnership signifies a commitment to continuous innovation, operational efficiency, and an unparalleled employee experience. Stay tuned for more milestones and innovations as the mobility landscape continues to evolve! 

Interested in Equus Enhanced Support? Reach out to your Global Client Success Manager today. Click here to learn more.

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