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Modern Mobility Excellence in Seven Numbers

Whether your business handles 50 moves a year or 5,000, using the right technology to manage your global workforce can add value to your business.  

If you have a smaller GM program that relies on manual processes and spreadsheets, your team could be accomplishing so much more in terms productivity, employee experience, employer brand, duty of care, compliance, and supporting remote and alternate work arrangements.  

Equus AssignmentPro Core is an out-of-the-box global mobility management solution that was designed for programs with fewer than 200 moves per year. It’s easy to set up and in a few days, you can be experiencing the many benefits of modernizing your workflow.  

Here are seven headline numbers that describe some of the benefits that using AssignmentPro Core can bring to your business.  



That’s the number of mobility professionals who work at Equus. 

mobility professionalsBecause of our experience working in mobility programs like yours, we understand your needs. Our people have worked in mobility functions in businesses across industries and continents for years, so we can share with you how to get the most out of technology to take advantage of opportunities, navigate risks and gain insights that will improve your whole organization.  

We also understand the challenges and nuances of today’s talent market, and the fluid and evolving economic and political environment businesses are operating in right now. Using Assignment Pro, you can supercharge your response times to any change. 


8 Hours

The average amount of time our clients save in assignment letter preparation, per assignment.  

time saving Eight hours per assignment can quickly add up to days, weeks and months of freed-up time for your mobility team. That means they have more bandwidth to contribute to high-value tasks such as dealing with sensitive employee issues, collaborating with teams outside mobility, and developing the international reporting analytics that will excite the C-Suite.  

They can also focus on delivering a world-class mobile employee experience that enhances performance, productivity and encourages your top talent to stay with the company. 



The amount of time saved on running cost estimates for moves, trips and assignments.  

cost estimates Assessing costs is one area where the right technology has a major impactand it’s an area of increasing importance for businesses. Business leaders today want speedy access to costed scenarios that are agile, flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances and markets.  

Running such scenarios with spreadsheets and legacy technology is slow, expensive, time-consuming and can expose business to risks. Using AssignmentPro, you can quickly run and re-run cost estimates with a few clicks, and easily adjust them to reflect changing circumstances, so business leaders are able to make informed decisions about the movement of your people. 


145 (and counting)

The number of tax jurisdictions supported by AssignmentPro.  

global mobility A major overhead and compliance risk for any international business is the tax treatment of its employees. And this risk has become even more complex to manage given the rise of new working arrangements for employees.  

These include one-way permanent moves, long and short-term postings, cross-border commutes and short engagements for discrete project work. We’ve recently seen a rise in the number of remote workers, who work from different states or countries on a temporary or permanent basis. To cover off tax risks, and avoid fines or legal issues, you need technology such as AssignmentPro that’s designed to cover multiple jurisdictions.  


50 +

The number of vendors integrated into the Equus Ecosystem. 

equus ecosystem Our Ecosystem allows you to seamlessly communicate with suppliers and partners, offering quick access to the employee services necessary for a smooth move. These can include relocation, immigration, housing, cultural advice and language teaching, and more.  

Equus works closely with its suppliers, constantly innovating within AssignmentPro to deliver an excellent experience for the mobility team, employees and your partners.

98% and 17% 

We’ll finish off with two numbers we’re rather proud of: we have a 98 percent approval rating from our clients. And have been growing at an average annual rate of 19 percent over the last three years.  

approval ratingJoin us on this journey. With the right tools and technology, you can maximize efficiency, reduce risks, and gain insights across your organization. AssignmentPro Core is designed for smaller programs and works well with other parts of the business. It integrates with HRIS platforms, such as SAP, Workday and Oracle. It also provides self-service online access for mobile workers, the mobility team, suppliers, human resources staff, and all program stakeholders, to ensure everyone in your organization can benefit. 

Click here to find out more about how AssignmentPro Core can help your smaller GM program to thrive.  

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