Embrace the future of employee relocation.

The Equus Platform seamlessly handles all aspects of international and domestic employee relocation, leaving you free to focus on what matters most – your people.


Smooth, smart relocations.


Reduce Administrative Burden

With Equus managing your relocations, you can say goodbye to time-consuming administrative tasks. Our platform automates processes so you can support your relocating employees.


Control and Manage Costs

Equus provides accurate cost estimates and tracks expenses throughout the process, giving you visibility into costs so you can effectively manage budgets and ensure financial predictability.

Elevate the Employee Experience

With real-time access to data, flexible benefit options, and automation tools, Equus prioritizes employee satisfaction and ensures a positive and stress-free relocation experience.

An end-to-end experience.

Equus's Relocation solution is a one-stop platform that guides employees and business stakeholders through every step of a move. From automating approvals and initiating services, to tracking progress and costs, our intuitive platform simplifies relocation management, ensuring efficiency and accuracy at every turn.

assignment management

Give employees choice and control.

Equus gives employees an intuitive employee app with self-service tools and flexible benefit elections so they have control over their entire move. With real-time data updates and streamlined communication, employees can rest easy, while managers can have full visibility into the entire relocation.  

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Customized for your business.

We recognize that every relocation is unique, and our solutions are fully customizable to meet your organization's specific policies and requirements. Whether you're relocating a single executive or managing a large-scale move, the Equus platform can be customized to align with your program goals.

Give employees flexible policy options, in addition to core benefits, so your employees have control over their relocation.

One-stop dashboard for managers to track and view the real-time statuses of all their employee relocations.

Streamline your processes with custom workflows that automate approval processes, vendor services, and communications and notifications so you can focus on what matters most - your employees.

Get data driven insights identify trends and to better support your business and your relocating employees. 

Integrate with your global mobility ecosystem to connect your entire program to drive efficiencies, insights, and a single source of data.

Why do you need a Relocation Management solution?

Engineering Company

International opportunities play an important role in the development agenda – Global Mobility needs to partner closely with the Talent & Leadership Development teams to design programs and meaningful solutions in order to be successful.

Multinational Beverage Company

The ability to give our global employees and key business stakeholders a real-time view into mobility data and status information of global vendors supporting our program will provide even more value to the business

global mobility technology

6 Reasons It’s Time To Invest In Global Mobility Technology

The right technology is the key to global mobility’s transformation in the new world of work.

Support Your Organization's Global Success

Get your entire mobile workforce moving with one, comprehensive platform.

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