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Aliaxis case study

Aliaxis Transforms GM Program in 30 Days

Find out how Aliaxis increased cost savings, minimized risk, and improved the efficiency of their program in 30 days with Equus Software!
global mobility technology

One System, Infinite Possibilities: Equus Streamlines Mobility Functions

US-based newspaper company boosts global mobility functions by making the switch from spreadsheets to the Equus Platform, empowering their mobility team to provide accurate data-driven ...

Global Advisory Firm Transforms Cost Estimate Process

Equus’s Assignment Package feature provided an efficient solution that required fewer resources, while generating accurate and reliable results. Read the full case study to learn ...

Report: Global Mobility Technology Survey

2022 research findings from the most comprehensive survey on the use of Global Mobility technology.

Global Insurance Firm Transforms Mobility Program In One Year With Equus Platform

The Equus Platform enables new, automated ways of working for more productivity and innovation than ever before.
complex process

PinPoint Immigration Simplifies Complex Immigration Application Process

PinPoint Immigration is one place for all involved in the immigration process to gain efficiencies. It’s features are customizable to adapt to your businesses ongoing ...
financial business case

Financial Services Company Modernizes Their Program

AssignmentPro provides an integrated and flexible system that evolves with ever-changing business needs.
client service

Grant Thornton Boosts Client Service Delivery

The Equus Platform provides a simple and intuitive way to gain visibility and control over the tax process.

How Equus can Streamline Compensation Review Processes

The world of global mobility is continuously changing, policies, allowances and living circumstances affect your mobile workforce constantly. Find out how AssignmentPro can streamline your ...
business rules

AssignmentPro Business Rules Case Study

Find out how business rules allow you to use complex logic within AssignmentPro.
global mobility technology

How AssignmentPro Helped Improve Cooperation Between the Mobility Team and Their Partners

AssignmentPro enabled the global mobility team to save time on administrative tasks and allowed them to focus on their consultative and advisory roles.

Equus Platform Complex Calculations

The Equus Platform supports complex calculations for large mobility programs.
global mobility transformation

Rolls-Royce Global Mobility Transformation

Global Mobility Transformation: Rolls-Royce streamlines processes and cuts costs through accelerated mobility transformation.
global mobility

Continental Corporation

Global Mobility Transformation: From ad-hoc tools to an integrated and automated global mobility ecosystem.
global mobility

Anonymized: Small GM Program

AssignmentPro empowers small GM programs to automate their program reduce costs and improve the employee experience.
global workforce management

Thomson Reuters

Working in partnership to deliver an innovative, automated solution to the Global Mobility process.
global mobility technology

Cargill Improving Global Consistency

Using the power of technology to drive workflow, improve global consistency and eliminate manual tasks.
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