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Ecosystem Spotlight: PC Housing

We are delighted feature PC housing  as this month’s ecosystem partner spotlight. PC Housing offers unparalleled solutions for short and long term housing needs worldwide, with expert knowledge and a comprehensive toolkit that provides clients a smooth transition into fully furnished temporary homes.

PC Housing have forged relationships with employers and communities throughout the United States and Canada and most recently globally, and this allowed the company to improve its services beyond client expectation and reduce the amount of time spent on a relocation search. As a result, PC Housing have earned a spot on Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of “America’s Fastest Growing 500 Companies” and continues to invest in its employees and technology, while looking for the next innovation.

Dan Row, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, shares his perspectives about PC Housing’s evolution and success, as well as the strategic decision to team with Equus:

“PC Housing is committed to leveraging our exceptional industry knowledge and expertise to provide customers with the strategic solutions and options to make the most informed temporary housing decisions.  Since our establishment in 1998, we have cultivated extensive partnerships with employers, communities, and suppliers on a global level.  This enables us to surpass client expectations and efficiently streamline the relocation process.

 We remain dedicated to investing in our talented workforce and cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled convenience and housing solutions for our clients. Our ultimate objective is to create extraordinary experiences by surpassing all expectations, prompting relocatees to request extended stays and fostering long-term satisfaction.

Recently, we proudly partnered with Equus to implement a technology integration with one of our largest and most strategic global clients. Leveraging our collaboration with our OWL proprietary technology for sourcing global short and long-term housing solutions, we now offer an API solution that seamlessly integrates with Equus. When housing requests are entered into Equus, it automatically transmits to PC Housing’s OWL sourcing system and then distributed to suppliers, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This integration expedites the process significantly and ensures uninterrupted lead distribution to suppliers, regardless of time zones, thereby guaranteeing immediate attention and response. We are confident that the integration of these technologies will leverage our partnerships and contribute to our continued business growth.

 At PC Housing, we continually strive for excellence, ensuring the relocation experience is defined by efficiency, reliability, and exceptional service.”

To learn more about PC Housing’s comprehensive services, please visit:

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