Accurately Track and Forecast ROI for Projects
Manage all project costs in a single, user-friendly platform with Equus's Global Project Automation.

Supporting Global Project Success

Transform the tender and project estimation process into a seamless and technology-driven business practice.

Accurately estimate costs at the group and employee level.

Track budget vs. actuals for total cost reporting of a move.

Gain insights to predict return-on-investment of a project.

Project Analytics

Equus offers comprehensive project analytics, giving you an in-depth view of project status, costs, and overall employee satisfaction. Gain real-time insights to make informed decisions, optimize project resources, and ensure compliance with international regulations.

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Automation at every step

Automate the historically lengthy process of cost monitoring and project cost communication with updates triggered at each step, so each entity in the group is informed at every action. Take advantage of batch estimate functionality, to envision different scenarios and make the best choice.  

Efficient project operations

Equus provides company-level tasks, requests and checklists so stakeholders across the group know where projects stand. Batch process assignment packages for employees, including cost estimate compensation statements and letters of assignment. Equus turns lengthy, expensive and complex business actions into efficient and responsive technology-driven business practices.

Managing new and emerging risks

Conflict-related sanctions, work trends accelerated by the pandemic, supply chain disruption and inflation – the world is full of risks and uncertainties. You need flexible solutions that can help protect your business from the unknown. 

Insight and foresight for better decisions

Equus Global Projects Automation enables organizations to make better decisions, faster. Customize project estimates to match your organization’s immediate and long-term needs. Get the full picture of a project cost and pre-determine its return on investment. 

Enhanced Employee Experience

Provide employees with a streamlined experience throughout the project. Equus enables the automatic creation and delivery of assignment letters, benefit elections and approvals, and tax compliance actions, ensuring a smooth and positive employee journey.

Data Driven
Group Moves

  • Automation

    The Equus Platform automates processes and adds triggered updates every step of the way so each entity is informed with every action. 

  • Estimates

    Group estimates by different scenarios enable businesses to make the best choice for their bottom line. 

  • Transparent

    Gain access to company-level tasks, requests and checklists, so there's never a question on where things stand. 

  • Packages

    Generates group packages, including assignment letters and estimated compensation statements.

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Equus Announces New Global Projects Automation Enhancements

New global workforce management technology addresses increasing need for project and group cost estimates to help businesses manage forecasts and predetermine ROI.


Implementing this automated solution is estimated to provide the team a saving of 200 workhours in the first year, increasing as the scope of our program does year on year.

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Support Your Organization's Global Success

Get your entire mobile workforce moving with one, comprehensive platform.

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