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Track your global workforce and stay compliant.

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Global Compliance

Improve Your Business Travel Experience While Keeping Your Global Workforce Safe and Compliant

Confidently Compliant

Equus makes it easy for you to accurately track your global workforce as they move around the world - all while keeping you compliant with tax, immigration, and cross border requirements.


Approve cross-border work with real-time assessments that ensure employee safety and compliance.

Immigration Assessments

Automate the entire immigration processes with immigration assessments powered by Fragomen.

Posted Worker Compliance

Streamline your posted worker registrations and ensure proper data collection and reporting. 

Cross Border

Easily track your employees as they move around the world with interactive maps and analytics.

Compliance at Your Fingertips

Navigating global compliance requirements can be a challenge, especially for mobile employees. Equus makes it easy to track your distributed workforce by providing comprehensive compliance tools  to ensure you stay on the right side of regulations, no matter where in the world your employees are working.


Pinpoint Global Compliance Risk

You need to ensure your mobile employees get to where they need to be without delay or disruption. PinPoint proactively identifies risks related to particular locations prior to a employee travel being approved.

Risk ratings and approval routings are created based on your unique corporate risk policies, as well as national and global regulations, including: 

      • Tax Liability
      • Social Security (Certificates of Coverage)
      • Permanent Establishment

Powered by Fragomen

Automate Immigration Assessments

As immigration regulations continue to come under scrutiny, organizations need a comprehensive tool to manage the ever-changing compliance issues for their global workforce. PinPoint integrates directly with Fragomen’s immigration assessments, giving you a single solution to efficiently, and accurately, track immigration compliance.


Streamline Posted Worker Reporting

PinPoint gives you end-to-end control of your posted worker reporting. With automated triggers to generate cases and update data, PinPoint provides completed posting registrations quickly and efficiently.

  • Automation: Registrations are automatically completed when travel is booked and requirements are met..
  • Data Collection: Collect and assess data from various systems.
  • Tracking: Interactive dashboards monitor statuses and potential risks.
  • Record Keeping: Secure portals store applications and documentation for auditing.

Track Cross-Border Work with Ease

Track where your global employees are now, where they have been, and where they are going in the future with PinPoint’s travel calendar. PinPoint makes it easy for employees to “check in” through an intuitive app that can leverage geo-location to track travel. And, if a compliance threshold is near, PinPoint will automatically alert the mobility team so it can be address before it becomes an issue.


Consolidate your data for comprehensive analysis by integrating or uploading data from other business and vendor systems.

Employees can easily check in while on the move via any device. PinPoint remembers common locations for the employee and can also use geo-location to keep the process simple.

Real-time and interactive maps highlight risk and provide the ability to drill-down right to an employee calendar for detailed analysis.

Rules and workflows can be easily customized for you unique policy needs, allowing you to easily handle new risks and requirements as your business requires.

Ensure information is secure and encrypted, and can only be accessed by the people that need to see it.

PinPoint helps you streamline manual tasks and remove bottlenecks through it's workflow and communication tools. Automatically notify the relevant people and teams to take action on time-sensitive tasks to avoid missed deadlines and missing information.

A Comprehensive Global Workforce Compliance Solution


Equus Platform

Keep your global workforce moving - efficiently and compliantly with Equus. 


"PinPoint is different from other products on the market in that it is managed internally, is unobtrusive, and the data is fully reportable in house." 

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Support Your Organization's Global Success

Get your entire mobile workforce moving with one, comprehensive platform.

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