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Ecosystem and Fragomen Partnership: Nurturing Innovation and Connections

In an increasingly interconnected world in which businesses operate across borders and individuals seek opportunities abroad, navigating the complex landscape of immigration laws and regulations has become a critical aspect of international mobility.

In addition to its focus on client service, Fragomen is also at the forefront of innovation in the immigration industry by leveraging technology and data analytics to streamline processes, enhance efficiency and deliver value-added insights to clients.

With unparalleled knowledge and experience, more than 60 offices worldwide and a presence in over 170 countries, Fragomen is one of the largest and leading immigration service providers and stands out by delivering expertise and support to organizations and individuals alike. Whether it’s helping multinational corporations transfer employees across borders or guiding individuals through the process of obtaining legal status in a new country, Fragomen’s comprehensive suite of services covers every aspect of the immigration journey, including visa applications, work permits, residency permits and citizenship applications.

Encompassing both service and added value, Fragomen is fully integrated with the Equus Ecosystem through a seamless, bi-directional connection. In 2021, we completed and implemented an enhanced API connection, which allowed Equus clients to enjoy a more robust and stable connection with a shorter implementation time. The benefits of this are evidenced by our 27 live connections, making Fragomen one of the Ecosystem providers with the largest number of connected clients.

Equus continues to enhance our connections with Fragomen, most recently by developing and applying an improvement to document handling and filtering to all Fragomen client connections. Through the Ecosystem connection with Fragomen, clients can manage their immigration programs more effectively and track case statuses in real-time.

The integrations between the Equus Ecosystem and Fragomen enable clients to more easily and quickly put immigration requests into the hands of Fragomen’s legal teams, which is indisputably apparent in the number of initiations flowing through Fragomen. Since beginning of 2024, there were 21280 new service orders initiated from all clients flowing to Fragomen – a genuine reflection of the achievements of the partnership between Fragomen and the Ecosystem.

As the world continues to evolve and borders become increasingly permeable, the demand for excellent immigration services is only expected to grow. In this dynamic landscape, Fragomen and the Ecosystem continue to envision the exchange of data and processes in an efficient, seamless and secure experience, and we intend to leverage new improvements that will allow us to further refine processes and streamline operations in a cost-effective and productive way.

Learn more about the Equus Ecosystem here.

Raquel Figueiredo

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