Powering Global Talent Mobility

The Equus Platform simplifies the complexity of international onboarding with a centralized platform that guides new hires through the global onboarding journey.

Simplifying Global Onboarding

Hire anywhere in the world, quickly and easily.

Smart Automation Tools

Streamline the international new hire process with workflow and automation tools customized to your business and policies.

Seamless Integrations

Connect with your entire ecosystem of global mobility vendors and streamline services for your new hires. 

A Secure Experience

Equus centralizes data to ensure your new hire's information is secure, accurate and available to only those that need it. 

Collaborate and Communicate

Effective collaboration and communication are essential for successful global onboarding. Equus International New Hire Solution fosters seamless communication between your HR team and new hires, ensuring a smooth exchange of information and timely support.

My Mobility Tracker Dashboard
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Role Based Analytics

Give your business and HR stakeholders real-time access to relevant data so they have all the information they need about their new employees. Interactive widgets make it easy for managers action on services or steps that need to be taken.

Compliance Made Easy

Compliance is a critical aspect of international onboarding. Equus stays up-to-date with changing regulations, ensuring that all required documentation is in place for your new hires.


Improving Global Talent Mobility

Staying in compliance and safeguarding the employee experience

International Banking Services

Throughout the implementation, we partnered closely with Equus to share knowledge, which allowed us to be flexible and create innovative processes that, I believe, will help us create a best-in-class mobility program for our industry

Support Your Organization's Global Success

Get your entire mobile workforce moving with one, comprehensive platform.

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