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Equus Ecosystem Partner Spotlight: NEI Global Relocation

The Ecosystem is excited to highlight our latest Partner Provider, NEI Global Relocation. NEI is a comprehensive global relocation and assignment management company that partners with clients to help their relocating families transition to new locations.

NEI Global RelocationIntegrated and responsive digital solutions have become critical to the process for all involved, which is why NEI developed the Unite Integration Platform. Unite provides streamlined API access to integrate with systems such as Equus’ AssignmentPro. It provides a bridge to access the in-depth detail of relocation data collected by NEI. The NEI Unite Integration Platform, paired with Equus, allows NEI the ability to easily configure the integration of client systems to meet their business objectives and provide greater flexibility in streamlining workflows for a globally mobile workforce. Whether they are using Equus for a high-level perspective of their relocation program or a more in-depth integration, NEI can assist.

Greg Keith, NEI CIO, stated: “NEI’s integration with the Equus Ecosystem is an important part of providing value to our clients through automated processes and improving our clients’ experiences”.

NEI’s mission has always been to deliver Service Exceeding Expectations to their clients, which is evidenced by their performance in the 2020 and 2021 Trippel Relocation Managers’ Surveys where NEI was ranked as the #1 Relocation Management Company overall. NEI’s approach to “Own It!” for all customers and its reputation for high-touch, consultative mobility management comes from partnering closely with clients, aligning policies, processes, and technology to support their Talent Agility objectives.

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Sheri Gaster

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