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How Pulse Checks Create an Excellent Employee Experience

Businesses are under pressure to provide employees with a convenient and personalized experience for all aspects of their jobs.

pulse checks for employeesEmployees expect it, and given the current candidate-driven job market, companies must deliver it. If an employer doesn’t suit a worker, there’s a real chance they’ll leave to find another employer who will.

Global mobility shares this responsibility to provide a high-quality employee experience to minimize talent turnover. One way it can accomplish this is through soliciting feedback about moves and trips, and using this information to improve future postings.

Equus AssignmentPro supports this feedback process through Pulse Checks. The tool that makes it easy to send short surveys to workers via the Mobile Employee Experience App. GM teams can then collect and analyze the answers to generate insights that allow them to make data-driven decisions about any necessary improvements.

How Pulse Checks Work


pulse checks designMobility teams can create unlimited numbers of six different types of questions. This includes asking workers to rate an issue—from their enjoyment to their productivity—with a numerical score, though a multiple-choice dropdown menu or with free-text written answers. The structured approach makes it easy for workers to reply quickly and provide details where necessary.


pulse checks timingPulse Checks can be sent out at any point during a move or assignment. They can also connect with an existing workflow in AssignmentPro, so it’s easy to time them to coincide with key moments, such as when the employee arrives in a host country. Pulse Checks can go out out according to a schedule, on a set date or on a regular basis. One question can also be delivered to multiple employees at once. Getting the timing right on Pulse Checks can be particularly useful when soliciting feedback on third-party vendors such as taxi or moving companies being used at these moments, so any problems can be dealt with swiftly.


pulse checks deliveryPulse Checks are delivered directly to the Mobile Employee Experience App. GM teams can set them to expire and disappear from the employee’s inbox after a custom amount of time, to prevent workers becoming overwhelmed with questions that may no longer be relevant.


pulse checks dataAssignmentPro collates the raw data in configurable dashboards. This allows for mobility teams to get an instant, visual representation of what employees think or feel about a particular issue. The dashboard also includes a ‘word map’  that arranges employee answers in a pattern where the most frequent responses are located in the middle, so you can get a quick feel for the majority sentiment. Dashboards can be shared with business leaders and other teams, and the results can also be exported to spreadsheet format for use across the organization.

How to get employees to participate

The benefits of Pulse Checks can only be enjoyed if you’re receiving responses from workers in the first place. Because of this, mobility teams should aim to prevent ‘survey fatigue’.

Inundating employees with too many Pulse Checks will only decrease the amount and accuracy of the data you end up with. Mobility teams also frequently experience a loss of momentum when trying to gain feedback too long after workers complete a move or trip.

So how can mobility teams get the most feedback possible? Here are some tips:

  • Pick and choose which issues you address and limit the total number of Pulse Checks you send over days and weeks.
  • Take advantage of the custom design and timing features so the questions are relevant to the employee experience. You’ll get more and better responses when an event is fresh in the worker’s mind.
  • Use the Mobile Employee Experience app for all surveys. Don’t solicit feedback through other channels, as this could confuse and overwhelm employees.
  • Learn from your data. Study your response rates to learn what is working—and plan to do more of that.

Mobility teams can now track employees’ working locations, flights and taxes better than ever, but how close do they really feel to them during trips and postings? Instead of waiting to hear how moves went after it’s too late to do anything about it—or not hearing at all—Pulse Checks make assignees feel listened to and valued. They also provide essential information that can be shared within GM and throughout the entire organization to achieve greater worker satisfaction.

For more on how you can improve the experience of our globally mobile employees, click here.

Scott Turner

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