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Equus Ecosystem Spotlight: Hessel

The Hessel Group was formed to meet the growing need to manage and reconcile financial data associated with domestic and international assignments. Their fully integrated relocation expense management service keeps clients up-to-date, informed and in control at every stage, from initial bill paying through to final reporting.

Geoff Davidson, Hessel’s Technical Director, shares his perspectives about Hessel’s evolution and success, as well as the strategic decision to team with Equus:

Any Global Mobility program creates a complex trail of relocation expenses, international payments, as well as tax and international social security liabilities that needs to be checked, reconciled, reported and paid. Every time you make a payment, you are generating a tax and social security liability for someone, somewhere.

Getting our assignee data through the Equus Ecosystem ensures that the data in ours and our client’s system is an exact match, all the time. This means that our clients can be confident that our data is the single source of truth for inter-company recharging, payroll, tax and social security .”

For more information about Hessel, click here.

Sheri Gaster

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