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Expanding Global Tax Coverage

Globalization of the workforce continues to grow, with employees embarking on more different types of moves to more places all over the world. As the global market evolves, our clients are asking for more country coverage from the Equus Tax Engine.

We’re listening! In response, we will increase our Tax Engine coverage by 60% in 2023, supporting over 150 countries by September 2023! With about 80% of the 195 U.N. recognized countries covered, you can rest assured that the Equus Mobile Workforce Platform delivers tax cost estimates and compensation calculations to support all types of moves, from remote work and commuters to more traditional short- and long-term assignments.

How did we do it? Automation, coupled with the in-house Tax Team’s robust research and update processes, enabled Equus to more than double our country support over the course of just 3 releases.

What’s next? Going forward, we’ll continue to utilize automation within our agile product environment to keep all 223 authorities current, taking care of our clients by delivering great software fast!

Rebecca Curry

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