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Everything Connected: Embracing A Connected Global Mobility Ecosystem 

Did you know the Equus Ecosystem now has over 100 integrated partners and 280 live connections? Are you getting the most out of the Equus Platform by integrating your entire global mobility network? With standard and rapid connections, you can be live with your first vendor in as little as 10 days. 

equus ecosystem

“Connecting our instance of the Equus Platform with our vendor systems has allowed us to significantly streamline the service ordering process and receive real-time status information from our vendors. Together, we are realizing several benefits.”

– Automotive Manufacturer

1. Strengthening Partnerships 

With over 100 integrated partners, the Equus Ecosystem connects you with a diverse network of service providers and vendors. By integrating your Equus platform with our ecosystem partners, you can streamline service ordering processes, receive real-time status updates, and strengthen your relationships with key vendors. 

2. Simplifying Data Management 

Say goodbye to data silos and manual processes. The Equus Ecosystem consolidates all your global employee data into one centralized platform, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and security. With a single source of truth, you can confidently make data-driven decisions and reduce the risk of errors. 

3. Enhancing Visibility and Security 

Through secure and encrypted data exchange, the Equus Ecosystem provides enhanced visibility and security for your organization and employees. Gain real-time insights into your mobility program, ensure compliance with regulations, and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. 

With 1 platform, 1 set of data, 1 place to integrate employees, partners and vendors, companies will leverage a 360-degree view of their entire mobility program, and this empowers them with data knowledge that will help them strengthen their competitive position in the global marketplace. 

“Getting our assignee data through the Equus Ecosystem ensures that the data in ours and our client’s system is an exact match, all the time. This means that our clients can be confident that our data is the single source of truth for inter-company recharging, payroll, tax and social security .”

– Service Provider

Our team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless integration process and maximizing the value of your Equus investment. Contact your GCS manager and find explore the benefits and connect with the Equus Ecosystem today. 

To learn more about the Equus Ecosystem click here.

Raquel Figueiredo

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