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How Systematic Research Keeps the Equus Tax Engine Humming

What does it take to keep the Equus Tax Engine current? In-depth experience, knowledge, and a rigorous research process.

Experience & Knowledge

Our in-house team has over 100 years of combined tax experience and hold professional qualifications including American CPA, British CA and ITP, and Canadian CPA-CA. This expertise enables us to interpret complex tax issues promptly and deliver great tax software fast.

Research Process

We perform annual reviews of every supported country – 93 as of v.20.6 and counting! Our scope varies with each cycle to continually hone the Tax Engine’s quality. In 2020, we proofed the treatment of line items including pension contributions and relocation costs. For 2021, we plan to validate social security contributions, to ensure components are complete and calculated to expectation.

In addition to Annual Reviews, we continuously monitor for tax legislation changes impacting the Tax Engine. We use tax authorities’ websites and subscribed tax news services to identify pending legislation, inflationary changes, treaty updates, and other relevant tax developments. Leveraging tax update experience accumulated since the nineties, we built a well-oiled workflow to help us predict inflationary and other regular updates so we can deliver timely changes and minimize omission.

Uncertainty and change are always present on the global stage, now more so than ever. Issues such as COVID-19, the US election, Brexit, and the world economy have and almost certainly will continue to generate adjustments in tax law and impact global business expansion. Our people and processes are well prepared to deliver tax updates for your cost estimates and comp calculations.

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Vickie Lau

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