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New Ecosystem Integration Partner: K2 Global Mobility

New Ecosystem Integration Partner: K2 Mobility

We are excited to announce that K2 Corporate Mobility (“K2”) is now fully integrated with the Equus Ecosystem through a seamless, bi-directional connection.

Our relationship with K2 has grown over the last few years, beginning with a series of 1-way connections. Now, through a 2-way API integration, our mutual clients can benefit further from real-time “moments that matter” service updates directly to AssignmentPro.

Below, Phil Hunt, Managing Director at K2, shares his perspectives about why K2 took the strategic decision to build their Ascent case management system to integrate with AssignmentPro.

The journey for K2 started back in 2015 when we decided to update and revise our in-house, bespoke case management system, Ascent. With so many different systems out there, we wanted to redefine our technology solution to align with our core values of innovation and ultimate service delivery.

Knowing that the relocation process is multifaceted, often with more than one partner supporting the assignee, we identified the risk associated with the transfer of information and data integrity. When combined with the increasingly security conscious world that we live in, limiting the movement of information not only reduced those risks but also meant the assignee was not asked multiple times for the same information, thus streamlining the process and enhancing the experience.

While the solution was not immediately in front of us, the decision to build in restful API’s to our system that would allow us to integrate with other service partners, but specifically Equus, has proved to be a defining moment. Now establishing the 2-way communication with AssignmentPro delivers our clients with single sign on access to all information relating to their assignment population.

If we turn our attention to the assignee and delivering the ultimate  employee experience we know that integrating our system, Ascent, into the wider eco-system has allowed us to reduce friction, increase awareness and present real time information and updates at those critical Moments that Matter in the life cycle of an assignment.

As with all things technology based, things are constantly evolving and therefore we are looking forward with excitement about how we can continue this development to offer further benefits, efficiencies and enhancements to both our clients and their assignee population.

 Find out more about K2 Corporate Mobility

K2 Corporate Mobility is an independent global mobility relocation and professional services provider. K2 deliver’s bespoke, distraction free impartial cross-border solutions.

K2 stands out as a unique relocation service provider, due to their relentless focus on service excellence, and their enthusiasm to always build positive and co-operative partnerships with their clients. Due to their high touch approach, many clients work with K2 to manage their senior employee population relocations. K2 caters for all assignment programs, but has an outstanding reputation for seamlessly managing senior moves that require the highest level of service delivery.

Learn more about the Equus global mobility ecosystem.

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