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3 Reasons Why Smaller GM Programs Need Technology

Businesses everywhere have experienced an unprecedented series of challenges over the past few years. One valuable lesson learned has been the importance of properly managing your global workforce.  

Providing employees with an excellent experience during moves or relocations improves retention. Keeping close track of workers around the world reduces risks and increases the ability for teams to provide duty of care obligations. This is true whether your GM program is responsible for 50 moves a year or 5,000. 

If you have a smaller GM program that relies on manual processes and spreadsheets, your teams could be accomplishing so much more. With the right tools and technology, you can maximize efficiency, reduce risks, and gain insights across your organization. Here’s why you should use technology to manage your global workforce, no matter your size.  


1) Reduce Compliance Risks   

reduce riskAll companies, regardless of size, are subject to the same laws and regulations relating to the movement of workers. Even minor errors in relocation paperwork—that are common when relying on manual data entry—can result in legal consequences or fines that can have a significant financial impact on a business. Not to mention how time-consuming keeping up on the latest tax and immigration restrictions is.  

Smaller GM teams are more likely to be juggling several tasks and the best technology can help them keep on top of compliance obligations. The right technology automatically updates databases with the latest laws and regulations governing your workforce. It also stores up-to-date contact details that are easy to access for your teams and employees, in case of emergency.  

Reminders and automated workflows also ensure that deadlines are never missed and all paperwork is complete and filed in a timely manner. 


2) Better Employee Experience 

better employee experienceGreat talent is hard to find—and often hard to keep. Small GM teams can struggle to provide a consistent and personalized service to employees, when they’re time is used up performing repetitive admin tasks. The right technology automates many processes and frees up time for GM teams to offer advisory services to employees and ensure their moves and travel are a success.  

Technology also gives employees self-service access to many actions, and provides them with regular updates and reminders on any required actions, reducing their stress levels and ensuring they can work where and when the business needs them most. This results in happier assignees who are more engaged in their core job duties and likely to stay with the company.  


3) Make GM More Valuable To Your Business 

Why Smaller GM Programs Need TechWith the right tools, GM can become a valuable asset to the whole organization. For smaller organizations with tight budgets or fewer resources, being able to rapidly perform cost estimates for different scenarios can help businesses make sound decisions about which moves or trips are financially viable. Automated risk assessments also help you understand whether it’s worth moving people to a particular country, or whether a project is better suited to a local hire, for instance.. 

Data on your mobile workforce can be analyzed and shared with business stakeholders, too. This helps you gain real-time visibility into how your program is performing and understand the value each move brings to your business. It ensures that every discussion you make is based on fact, not just gut feeling.  


Use the Right Technology: Equus AssignmentPro Core 

GM techEquus AssignmentPro Core is a cloud-based platform that is easy to implement and comes pre-configured for companies with Global Mobility programs of 200 assignees or less. 

It covers the complete assignment life cycle, from pre-authorization to taxes, and repatriation. Core automates workflow and processes, saving time for GM staff so they can focus on high-value tasks such as personalized consultations with workers. It quickly generates detailed cost estimates, creates assignment letters, and maintains payroll balance sheets, among other tasks.  

AssignmentPro Core integrates with HRIS platforms, such as SAP, Workday and Oracle, and provides self-service online access for mobile workers, the mobility team, Human Resources staff, and all program stakeholders. 


Click here to find out more about how AssignmentPro Core can help your smaller GM program to thrive.  

Tom Richardson

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