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Anheuser-Busch InBev and Equus Enhanced Support: Working Together to Future-Proof their Global Mobility Program

A world-class beer brewery since 1852, Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) stays current by embracing a culture of change. “The nature of our company is that we are never satisfied with what we have achieved,” says Sedumedi Mosupye, Global Tax Manager at ABI. “We are always pushing the envelope to make our processes more efficient and simpler for all of our stakeholders.” 

For the global mobility team, this means using technology to future-proof its program and provide value across the business. An Equus AssignmentPro client since 2011, the ABI team maintains the system itself. When it wants to make improvements or add functionality, it works with the Equus Enhanced Support (ES) and Client Solutions teams for assistance. 

Equus’ Client Solutions and Enhanced Support teams provide technical expertise and advice on how to configure AssignmentPro and other Equus solutions to achieve ABI’s goals. Through this close collaboration, ABI is often a first adopter of new AssignmentPro features, helping them continually enhance and drive new innovations in their program.  


Saving Time and Money partnering with Equus 

enhanced support Global Mobility (GM) strategy at ABI is guided by corporate priorities and new compliance measures. The team knows the high-level goals it wants to achieve, and Equus ES provides the perspective and know-how to make it happen. “Equus ES acts as a guide, supporting us and bringing in their real-world experience about how to achieve our ambitions,” says Mosupye. 

When ABI wanted to ensure employees have flexibility when arranging moves, for instance, it worked with ES to implement the Mobile Employee Experience (MEE) portal. This gives employees convenient access to key dates and documents, compensation details, destination information and expenses, so they can self-service requests and always know the real-time status of their trips and assignments.  

To further enhance employee experience, ABI also uses Pulse Checks to give the global mobility team feedback on workers’ overall satisfaction or reaction to a new process or their latest trip. 

Working with ES to build a compensation data repository (CDR) means the ABI team can now automate payroll processes to make them less labor-intensive and costly. This achieved ABI’s goal of wanting to simplify and speed up payroll processing. 


‘EES is Part of Our Family’ 

enhanced support ABI works closely with Equus ES and the Client Solutions team to develop and enhance its global mobility strategy, and continually find ways to push the program to higher levels of efficiency. The ABI team is in regular contact with the ES team to discuss its goals and the status of in-progress and upcoming projects. “It’s a seamless, collaborative relationship,” says Mosupye. “We rely on Equus—they’re part of the family.” 

With many projects on the go at once, managing timeframes and ensuring timely delivery can be a challenge for ABI. “We always have multiple projects on the go at once,” says Mosupye. “I’m always amazed at how ES figures out how to prioritize our to-do lists and get everything done.” 

Embracing a culture of change at ABI means potential disruption to workers’ day-to-day duties. Each time ABI adjusts a GM process, ES supports the workforce in learning the new procedures. Once new features and capabilities are live, ES creates documentation and videos, and assists ABI with training to help ease the transition for workers affected by the changes. 

The pace of innovation at ABI shows no sign of slowing down—and ES will be there to continue to help it to future-proof its GM function. “Every project I’ve worked on with Equus ES has been a wonderful experience, because I know everything will be done right and I know there will be updates every step of the way,” says Mosupye. “We’re looking forward to an ongoing collaboration on our evolving strategies.” 

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