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How can Cost Estimate users use the Tax Engine more effectively?

Equus Tax Engine Learning CoursesEver wonder if you are choosing the right tax calculation method to reflect your company’s policies?

The Tax Learning Series, an on-demand, online video-based learning program, offers support for users at every experience level, from brand-new learners to more seasoned team members.


What is it?

The Tax Learning Series consists of courses at three progressive levels:

  • Tax Essentials – shows how to get started with configuration, from adding benefits to choosing tax positions for a cost estimate.
  • Tax Expert – explains how to align the Tax Engine to meet your company’s tax policy.
  • Tax Elevate – walks through more complex policy decisions and discusses how to interpret calculation results.

Each level takes less than an hour to complete and consists of four to five unique videos, each with information on a particular topic. The levels are designed to be completed sequentially, so that you can build your skills in logical order. All courses are available for AssignmentPro users at any time on Equus Learn, and can be completed at your own pace.


Where should I start?

Start with the Essentials level, then work through Expert and finish with Elevate! New users can start their onboarding with the Tax Essentials level to become familiar with Equus Tax Engine capabilities. For current users, the entire Tax Learning Series can provide a great refresher on the Equus Tax Engine, or potentially introduce you to new functionality.

Whether you are an experienced, new, or future AssignmentPro user, we encourage you to try out the Tax Learning Series courses. Happy learning!

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