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From BAMM to Data Integration: A Deep Dive into AIRINC and Equus’ Partnership 

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We recently had the opportunity to chat with Jordan Blue, Head of Partnerships & Product teams at AIRINC, about his reflections from the recent BAMM conference, his 2024 mobility predictions  insights, and the ongoing innovations between AIRINC and the Equus Platform. Jordan shares insights about himself and the partnership between AIRINC and Equus, highlighting some of the ways we are working towards our shared goal of serving clients better.  

Through the Equus Platforms’ integration with AIRINC, users benefit from high-quality, comprehensive and benchmarked data for compensation and cost estimate calculations, seamlessly maintained over our API integration. Continue reading to learn more.  

Hi Jordan, it was great to see you at BAMM recently. Would you give us a short intro and a bit of information on how you at AIRINC are working with the Equus team?  

Hi there! I’m Jordan Blue, leading the Partnership & Product teams at AIRINC. I’ve been with AIRINC for 7 years, based in San Francisco. I love exploring the city, anything outdoorsy, and hanging out with my wife and new son Miles & Lauren. 

AIRINC’s partnership with Equus is driven by our shared goal of serving clients better. Together, we seamlessly integrate our data, providing AIRINC benchmarking, insights, and custom COLA change reporting directly within the Equus Platform. It’s a winning solution for our clients! 

So what does Global Mobility look like to you in 2024? Are you seeing patterns in policy or data requests from your clients? 

Global Mobility is all about adapting to change. We’re noticing trends like more permanent moves, increased core/flex or benefit selection systems, and the growing importance of technology and integrations. I feel like clients are really understanding the value of data + technology and eager to optimize and streamline processes.  Everyone is busier these days, people are realizing the need for change and automation. 

data analytics in GM

We’re certainly hearing similar from our clients as well. On the point of optimizing and streamlining processes, tell us how AIRINC’s data integration into the Equus Platform benefits users? What insights does it provide to mobility teams? 

Think of data as the fuel that makes the car go.  With Equus, you have a high-quality machine, and you need a high-octane fuel to make it perform its best. With AIRINC’s data integrated into the Equus Platform, you get high-quality, comprehensive data for compensation or cost estimate calculations, from airfare to COLA to shipping. Our data is automatically fed via API, regularly refreshed, and carefully curated to reflect typical relocation costs. 

We know there are a lot of great insights and resources out there for Mobility Professionals currently. Which surveys and events are you looking forward to most in 2024? 

I’m biased but personally, I’m excited about BAMM events as I’m the president this term.  Our annual conference in March was fantastic, with great attendance, including our friends at Equus. It’s always a pleasure to connect face-to-face.

In addition, AIRINC recently released their 2024 Mobility Outlook Survey, and have a number of industry-specific benchmarks and whitepapers scheduled to begin this year. 

Thank you for your time Jordan. We’re wishing you all the best with the BAMM events and AIRINC resources. These are always so valuable to the community. So where can people learn more about AIRINC data integration into the Equus Platform? 

Reach out to us! We love hearing from our clients and brainstorming ways to tailor our data and technology to your needs. Let’s collaborate! Click here to get in touch.  

To learn more about the partnership between AIRINC and Equus read our article here. Interested in our technology? Contact us today.

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