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Equus Ecosystem Partner Spotlight: Santa Fe Relocation

The Ecosystem Team is pleased to turn the spotlight on Santa Fe Relocation

The origin of Santa Fe Relocation started in 1884 when Captain Andersen established Andersen & Co. in Bangkok, Thailand. Since then, Santa Fe Relocation has swiftly moved on to become one of the largest and most trusted Global Mobility companies in the world. With a history which consists of over 130 years of experience, Santa Fe has a passionate focus on their clients’ success and their assignees’ relocation experience, and deliver mobility solutions executed through their unique global coverage of own offices and people on the ground.

Below, Tracy Hunt, Santa Fe Implementation Manager, shares her perspectives about Santa Fe’s evolution and success, as well as the strategic decision to team with Equus Software:

Santa Fe Relocation“We believe our vision, supported and enabled by technology, will help our clients achieve their goals. A re-imagined role for technology that’s focused on the business, built for flexibility and speed and a future proof foundation of core systems that support innovations, collaboration and security.

An essential aspect of our digital offering is the collaboration with the Equus Ecosystem to make it easy for our clients by addressing their needs for efficiency and data integrity. The key benefit is that data can flow between the systems so that there is no time wasted entering data multiple times, no email correspondence required resulting in streamlined data management and a seamless relocation journey.

To continue to meet our clients’ evolving needs, we will continue to add integration capabilities and user experience enhancements. We help people to work, live and thrive in new places around the world.”

For more information about Santa Fe Relocation, click here.

Sheri Gaster

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