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Business Traveler Tech: Raising the Bar in Global Mobility

The challenges associated with monitoring and managing business travelers has historically been:
  • Ownership – Who within the organization will be tasked with owning the oversight of the business traveler program and population? Often ownership ends up being assigned to Global Mobility, HR, Tax, Travel or Relocation.
  • Compliance – Stricter compliance rules, changing immigration laws and increasingly complex tax legislation mean companies face newfound legal and regulatory scrutiny at every turn. Staying abreast of the regulatory environment for the various locations the organization sends its business traveler, as well as, capturing the right information to execute the program with confidence and automation can be a full time job.
  • Administration – This really encompasses a broad range of issues, including: how will data be collected, who will provide the data, how is compliance monitored and reported, as well as, what approach an organization wants to take in terms of how proactive they want to be in managing the population.

In response, many organizations looked at implementing a technology solution to assist with tracking, monitoring and reporting on employee’s business travel. But in today’s current environment, the stakes are higher. Organizations expect more from business traveler technology and a business travel tool than just tracking travel and monitoring for compliance. Data analytics, enhancing the employee experience, data privacy concerns, and integration with vendors have been added to the list.

What PinPoint Provides:
  • Organizations are looking for tools offering data analytic capabilities to help them understand much more about their business traveler population. In addition to managing compliance, they want to be able to gather additional data sets, and use the insights to help set the strategy for their business travel program and policy.
  • With many organizations being tasked with finding ways to enhance the employee experience, companies are looking for technology tools that appeal to technology savvy employees, and provide them with a more personalized experience. Business travel solutions need to be easy to use, available via an app, able to increase levels of engagement and adoption rates, while minimizing the employee burden of supplying information.
  • Concerns around privacy, data protection and cyber security have companies asking more in-depth technical questions about the application, and setting higher security requirements. And,
  • With employees wanting more options related to business travel, and organizations responding by offering a variety of vendors to choose from, – managers are looking for technology tools that offer integration with multiple vendors making the management of multiple providers easier.

business treaveler technology

Equus’ robust business traveler technology tool, PinPoint, provides businesses with all of these requirements – from predictive analytics, integration tools, employee apps, and more. Download the brochure to learn more.

Sheri Gaster

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