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Five Reasons You Need One Solution to Manage Remote Work, Travel and Immigration

Add value and efficiency across your organization with an integrated global workforce management solution like Equus’s PinPoint software. Global mobility teams are busier than ever dealing with a host of challenges. These include the rise of alternative working arrangements, complex immigration and travel restrictions post-pandemic as well as the ongoing consequences of geopolitical unrest. To effectively manage your mobile workforce and add value across the organization, you need the best technology.

This means one solution that gives you insight into all of your business’s evolving pressures, from remote work requests to business travelers, assessing risks from permanent establishment and Posted Worker registrations.

Here are five reasons you need an integrated solution such as Equus PinPoint to balance risks while keeping your workers safe and compliant.


Simpler Procurement and Training

Equus PinPoint To start with, choosing one solution that handles all of your workforce and talent management tasks is simpler from a procurement perspective. It can be quicker and easier to get approval from management for one purchase than for multiple systems. Once you’re running PinPoint, it’s easier to train team members on one unified interface, as opposed to a variety of solutions, so they can get up and running in a short space of time and begin to boost their productivity.


Reduce Risk and Erase Compliance

Global workforce managementAn integrated solution such as PinPoint that covers remote work requests, business travel and immigration makes it easier to spot risks across all areas of talent management than with disparate solutions.

This is especially useful for complex situations. For instance, if an employee worked remotely from a foreign country and then later travelled there on a business trip, PinPoint’s sophisticated risk assessment tool would determine the total time in the country to see if the individual passed thresholds that required additional tax liability, qualified for permanent establishment or additional compliance such as the Posted Worker directive.

Failing to notice remote work engagements that trigger permanent establishment status or other tax issues opens businesses up to significant risks, including fines and penalties from tax authorities and potentially blacklisting in some countries. It can also delay trips and prevent the business from locating workers where they’re most needed. A joint workforce management tool, on the other hand, makes these situations easy to spot so the organization is prepared to fulfill all compliance obligations.


Increase the Productivity of all Teams

Global workforce managementPinPoint securely stores the profiles and personal data of each employee, so global mobility teams can save time by only entering data once, and avoid duplication of information across multiple solutions. This is especially important as GM is handling an increasing number of responsibilities post-pandemic.

For users of Equus AssignmentPro, PinPoint information about travel and remote work can integrate with AssignmentPro. At the same time, info from AssignmentPro can be shared with PinPoint as well, for easy distribution of workforce data with stakeholders across the organization.

With an integrated system, your team only receives one set of reminders and alerts for essential and time-sensitive tasks, rather than receiving multiple notifications from a variety of solutions. Knowing your team can action all tasks relating to remote work and business travel using one centralized system can increase team efficiency. The more efficient teams are, the more likely they are to meet deadlines for visa applications, Posted Worker registrations and travel requests, so employees can travel safely and in compliance with all regulations and restrictions.


Better Employee Experience

Add value and efficiency across your organization with an integrated global workforce management solution like Equus’s PinPoint software. Employees using PinPoint can self-serve all of their travel and remote work requests from an easy-to-use, personal landing page. From there, they can see the status of any requests and monitor to-do lists for tasks such as sharing personal information or documentation with teams organizing their travel or immigration applications. They can also view their travel schedule to see what trips, moves or postings are coming up.

Managing all of these arrangements in one place saves time for busy employees, and enhances their experience with the organization, increasing the chance of employee retention.


Long-term Flexibility and Agility

Add value and efficiency across your organization with an integrated global workforce management solutionPinpoint adapts to changes as your business requirements evolve. For instance, you can quickly adjust corporate risk tolerance to remote work or travel as policies change. It’s also easier to maintain and update over the long term, compared to supporting multiple solutions. This flexibility, combined with , helps to future-proof your organization for whatever comes next.

Whether that future involves more or less remote working, new travel restrictions or health and political crises, PinPoint provides your team with the reassurance they can track employees anywhere, while keeping your business compliant and operating with minimal risks.

Get in touch with Equus to learn more about PinPoint, our all-in-one solution for managing your global workforce.

Scott Turner

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