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Business Travel Compliance: Connect Vialto myTrips with Equus

What types of challenges are you seeing with clients managing business travel compliance?

Managing business travel compliance can be extremely complicated. Tracking expenses accurately and adhering to travel policies and complex country regulations can create significant challenges, all while balancing costs. Not to mention the responsibility for ensuring the well-being of employees.   

How are Equus and Vialto streamlining business travel compliance today?

Integrating the Equus Platform and Vialto MyTrips will significantly reduce the risks associated with travel by automating compliance checks and ensuring country regulations are adhered to. Travel management will also be enhanced through real-time visibility into expenses. Dynamic approval requests will be triggered to the relevant teams depending on the risks raised, and if the risks presented meet specific criteria, service orders will be sent automatically. The comprehensive approach to reporting will offer program oversight, while streamlined processes reduce manual errors when tracking, offering a more efficient and accurate solution to managing travel compliance.

How does this benefit clients?
  • Time saving – Removing the manual process will save time for both employees and administrators allowing them to focus on what really matters.  
  • On demand data – Clients will gain valuable insights into compliance status and risks as they occur, helping to facilitate decision making of travel and internal policy.  
  • Improved Accuracy – As we all know automation reduces manual errors, especially when dealing with copious amounts of data. Integrating the tracking and compliance checks reduces the risk of manual errors and frustration caused by repeated entry of data, all while improving the accuracy of travel management.
  • Enhanced Compliance – Integration ensures compliance with regulations and company policy, reducing the compliance risk.  
  • Employee well-being – Streamlining the process and accurate compliance management contribute to a seamless travel experience and overall satisfaction of the employee’s business travel.  
Is it easy to get started?

The standard out of the box offering has been designed to provide a quick, easy, and achievable onboarding with little effort required to get up and running.  

What’s next? What additional functionality will come?

Although the current integration already offers a lot of value to programs Equus and Vialto continue to work together enhancing the API to include a 2-way integration allowing all users of the Equus Platform to benefit from the compliance engine including documents, PWD and immigration in the near future.  

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