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Calculate Cost Estimates With AssignmentPro

Cost Estimates With AssignmentPro

Equus is now providing cost estimates within AssignmentPro. When you have a re-location decision to make, you need numbers. How much will it cost to send Employee “A” to London for a year? What about sending Employee “B” to Singapore for three years? And how will a small change in any of a dozen variables affect the total cost?

For too long, companies have tried to answer these questions themselves using limited information and flawed tools, a process that tends to produce less-than-ideal results. Without the right information, without solid numbers, you can’t make sound re-location decisions.

AssignmentPro: The intuitive, user-friendly tool for accurate and instant calculations..

With Equus Software’s AssignmentPro tool, complete with What-if Cost Estimates, you can finally paint a clear picture of what a specific re-location assignment will cost your company. Using our intuitive, user-friendly cost estimate tools, you can input some simple information and tweak a range of factors to create a number of hypothetical re-location scenarios. AssignmentPro will then provide you with an accurate, detailed account of how much each scenario will cost.

To find out more about AssignmentPro and how you can contact Equus Software about making our tools work for you, watch the video.

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