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Equus EMEA Client Conference Highlights

Last week, we held our 5th annual Equus EMEA Client Conference in London. It’s exciting to see the growth year over year. Not only in our client attendance, which was over 100 customers strong, but also in the level of conversation and innovations being shared throughout the 20 different sessions and networking breaks.

The event was broken up into 3 distinct tracks: a Strategic track that explored the latest trends in global mobility; a Practical track that provided real-world case studies on how to leverage AssignmentPro and other Equus solutions to reduce cost and increase ROI; and a Configuration track that offered hands-on training with Equus technical experts to help clients run their program more effectively. With 10 client and partner speakers, and a mix of attendees spanning from super users to upper-level management, each track was full of customer participation, insights and unique ideas that were shared with peers throughout the day.

Some highlights include:

  • The Equus Ecosystem session showcased live integrations with our partners Fragomen, Deloitte and Crown World Mobility. This integration is a first of its kind, connecting immigration, tax, relocation services, and more – all within AssignmentPro. Looking around the room, you could see the excitement in our client’s eyes as they watched the Equus Ecosystem come to life. Now, by integrating their service providers, vendors, partners and key stakeholders with the Equus Ecosystem, they can have 1 set of documents, 1 set of data and 1 place to engage for all the Global Mobility processes.
  • The new Employee Portal session was also a favorite of many attendees.   The new interface, launching in July of this year, focuses entirely on delivering an intuitive, inclusive, and easy-to-use experience for assignees.  Accessible via a mobile app, tablet or computer, our new portal has been transformed to provide assignees all the information they need at their fingertips – from service orders, to move management, expense reporting, tax and immigration information and more.
  • Our client, Santa Fe, joined us in a Business Travelers presentation to explorer STBV issues and shared some real-world insights into how they are managing their STBV risks with PinPoint. A live audience poll uncovered that 65% of the people in the room thought they were only somewhat compliant in some of the areas in question, while 63% of the attendees an Appendix 4 Agreement in place. It’s clear, with the new socioeconomic trends coming our way, staying compliant with ever-changing immigration policies as it relates to short term business travelers is paramount to our global mobility clients around the world.
  • PwC joined us to discuss the glowing challenges of global equity management facing companies today as long-term incentive programs are on the rise. During this session we also gave clients a sneak peek of our not yet released equity compensation tool that seamlessly connects to your existing processes to help manage the complexities of schemes across multiple jurisdictions.

The event wrapped up with all the attendees coming together for a workshop to discuss their key takeaways as well as develop personal action plans to take back to their business so they can immediately leverage the innovations and insights learned from the conference.

“Incredible!” “Excellent!” “Exciting!” “Enjoyable!” “Valuable!” – These were just some of the comments heard from attendees throughout the event, which makes the conference all the more worthwhile for all of us. It’s always a pleasure coming together with all of our customers, sharing ideas, helping overcome hurdles, and learning from one another. We look forward to London next year and are excited to see many of our other clients from the other side of the world this September in Dallas!

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