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How Data Analytics Help GM Teams Contribute to Organizational Success

We all know global mobility involves more than just booking flights and finding accommodation for workers moving abroad. GM teams also need to consider a myriad of practical and compliance concerns including residency permits for the worker and their family, shipping belongings, and tax issues such as permanent establishment status.

Add to this today’s ever-changing immigration regulations, a global health emergency, and talent management issues such as slipping retention rates and a shift to flexible working—and it becomes clear that GM teams need to examine their ways of working to help organizations succeed.

Using global mobility technology to automate and streamline processes is a good start. To stay on top of all of these changing factors, you also need to make the best use of your mobility data.

The right technology can empower your global mobility function to go beyond simply tracking data, to analyzing information and generating insights that inform smarter decision making. Here are some key areas where data analysis can boost your GM team.


Keeping Employees Happy

making employees happy One area that data analysis can help with is talent management, an essential function in the current employee-led job market. Using Equus AssignmentPro, you can track and analyze data on your workforce’s career progression, and notice the outcomes of moves and assignments, such as who stays with the company and the average time to promotion.

By understanding the factors that lead to successful assignments, you can make good decisions about setting policies that contribute to a better employee experience and higher rates of retention. Then, you can take more positive action in the future and avoid pitfalls that lead workers to leave the company or not progress after their overseas experience.


Meeting Sustainability and Diversity Goals 

sustainability Analyzing data relating to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) helps you to gain an accurate picture of equality of opportunity and representation across your workforce. These insights can highlight groups or individuals that may not have benefitted from as many opportunities, allowing you to offer assignments to a diverse and well-represented group.

When it comes to sustainability, AssignmentPro allows you to track data on your suppliers’ environmental impact and choose to work with the businesses with the ‘greenest’ policies. This might include choosing a removals company that uses electric vehicles and runs energy-efficient warehouses, for instance. Having data on supplier performance can also change the nature of the relationship with your suppliers. It no longer has to be based just on set service-level agreements (SLAs), but can also include evolving key performance indicators (KPIs) and success factors that help you support corporate-wide sustainability goals.

Becoming a Strategic Partner

strategic partnership Smart use of data is essential to contributing to overall business success and showing that global mobility is a true strategic partner. Using AssignmentPro, you can analyze data on your team’s accomplishments and present it in attractive dashboards and graphs that are easy to understand by C-suite executives.

Providing evidence that your team furthered DEI initiatives with diverse hires or boosted retention rates demonstrates to business leaders that you’re working towards organizational targets and goals. Data analysis can also enable you to spot trends and make recommendations for policy adjustments that improve employee experience and add to overall business success.

When it comes to using data analysis to support your global mobility team, more is better. The more data you track, the more insights you can glean—and the more you can optimize your global mobility function.

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Scott Turner

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