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Financial Times’ Journey With Live Support

Financial Times’ Journey

Since its roll-out in April 2020, an increasing number of clients have been leveraging AssignmentPro’s Live Support feature to their benefit. One such example is that of the Financial Times Global Mobility (GM) team, having utilized AssignmentPro knowledge quickly to become independent super-users. However, the Covid-19 driven remote working arrangement rendered it inconvenient to ask quick “water cooler” questions to more experienced team members.

The Financial Times GM team consists of proactive and technically curious members, traits incredibly conducive to becoming successful AssignmentPro super-users. In lockdown, they took full advantage of the Help Center articles as well as the Live Support feature. As a result, they managed to upskill, accumulate AssignmentPro super-user knowledge, and resolve several queries independently in a time effective way during these unprecedented times.

With queries including merge tag issues in vendor communications and getting support with understanding import errors, the Financial Times GM team has been able to address issues effectively. Using this constant “bite-size” learning, the team has been able to make significant internal system improvements, and ultimately, optimized service delivery for their expatriate employees.


Live Support

equus live supportWith more people than ever before working remotely now, Live Support has been enabling AssignmentPro users of differing skill levels to get guidance on a variety of issues and have been promoting “learning through experience”.

Live Support is available to all Equus-hosted clients and it is intended to provide additional and instant support for your super-users in addition to the support and consultancy services provided by your Equus Client Solutions team.

This feature enables you to address queries in real-time and promotes on-the-spot learning: your super-users will be resolving issues themselves with the live guidance from a well-versed Equus member.

If the queries and technical challenges prove to be complex or requires more involved support, the Equus Live Support team will help you raise a JIRA ticket and your Client Solutions team will help you with such queries.

If your site is hosted by Equus and the Live Support feature is not visible to you, or if you would like to find out more about Live Support, please contact your Client Solutions Manager.

Vicki Marsh

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