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Equus Client Conference from a Client & Employee

Last week, I sat down with Katie Lenehan, a new senior consultant at Equus, to get her perspectives on our recent client conference.  Having attended Equus conferences in the past as a client, Katie shares her “insider views” on what she learned from the different sessions and new clients she met.

Tell us a little about yourself and your experience in Global Mobility.

KATIE: As a member of the Global Mobility world for over two decades it feels more and more every day that it’s about relationships, knowledge share and collaboration. We are all here to ensure the best end-experiences for the folks we service. Technology is such a critical part of that on all levels!

I am very fortunate to have the service provider experience, as a team member of several wonderful 3rd party companies. It seemed like a great fit to take those experiences and bring them to the front end… meaning into the software products that support those services.

Describe how it felt to be at the conferences this year as an employee vs. a customer. 

KATIE: Loved it! I’ve been an attendee and a presenter in the past and really enjoyed the opportunity to network and learn. That said, it was really great to watch our Clients have that similar experience. So much chatter in the room… idea sharing, catch ups and best practice stories. There’s always something new to learn and our clients have such diverse experiences to share.

What surprised you the most about the conference preparation?

KATIE: The level of expertise embedded in the folks here – prepping for their sessions with lots of collaboration from all positions within. The team holds so much intellect in all areas and leadership has up no walls on idea sharing!

What new thing did you learn about Equus solutions at the conference?

KATIE: EquityPro – I find this very exciting… so often in my prior role we were asked to work with executive compensation on data gathering or the Client controller on costing estimates… very few had a concise, timely answer to properly estimating and more importantly actual withholding and compliance. I am so excited about this product!

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