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Four Business Benefits to Upgrading Your Immigration Technology

Global mobility (GM) is one of the most important parts of any global business but it’s also one of hardest to get right – with complexities arising in language, law, tax, travel, payroll and immigration.

Successful global mobility programs enable organizations to source skills and develop and deploy talent, efficiently moving highly-skilled workers to the places where the organization need them most, and ensuring that the employee remains productive and satisfied during the move and in the new post.

At the same time, the experience employees gain during postings enhance their skills for the long term, building an informal network of people who know the organization inside out. This enriches company-wide discussions about change and risk, enabling a business to capitalize on opportunities that require a global perspective.

Effectively managing immigration is key to these aspects of organizational success. As the world and businesses reset after the pandemic, it’s a function too important to manage with unwieldy legacy systems, paper files, clunky email initiation and time-consuming manual data processes for completing applications.

A better approach is to digitize your immigration workflow. Doing so with the right technology bringsnumerous benefits to your business. Here are four of the most important.

1. Rapidly respond to a changing world

Digitizing your workflow allows you to respond with speed and agility to major changes in the immigration landscape, including health crises, political instability and changing border restrictions and requirements. To do this you need instant access to real-time information on everything from employee contact details to application status. Being able to view this data at a glance means you can keep on top of your tasks to progress cases as quickly as possible and ensure duty of care obligations to employees are fulfilled, even as external factors shift.

2. Make the most of your immigration team

Streamlined, digitized processes may mean you need a smaller team to handle immigration cases, or you can free up team members’ time to allow them to innovate around how to provide better service and experiences for your mobile workforce. To work efficiently, immigration teams require systems that track the progress of an immigration case, identify upcoming bottlenecks – when a team member has many cases or applications about to begin or end, for example – and re-allocate tasks to ensure timely completion of cases.

3. Great experience for high-value employees

Creating a positive experience for the employees who are immigrating is a key measure of success for many global mobility teams, and ultimately is good for the whole business. Happy workers are more productive and less likely to leave the organization, taking all the value of their global experience with them, and causing a negative return on the investment for their moves or postings. Using simple questionaries and online tools to gather workers’ information gathering for immigration applications minimizes hassle for them, creating a better overall experience of their move.

4. Support the wider organization’s digital journey

Digitizing workflow allows the global mobility team to link up with other departments such as with finance, HR and recruitment that are digitally transforming. It makes it easy to share data and automate wider process so that the efficiency and agility of the immigration team can be felt enterprise-wide. Ultimately this type of collaboration could also allow your team to turn data into insights and actionable management information that feeds into senior decision-making.

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Scott Turner

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