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Digitalization of Global Mobility is the Future

Equus recently had the opportunity to speak with the RES Forum at their Connect events in Berlin and Hong Kong on the digitalization of Global Mobility.  It’s a hot topic in every industry today and it certainly stirred up a lot of conversations with attendees at each of the events.

There were 3 main takeaways that came from our conversations with attendees as they tackle their digital strategies:

  • Data is key to success. We are all in the business of data – we collect, store and analyze it throughout our various roles and functions. But to become a truly data-driven organization, companies must not only be measuring the right data, they must also trust the data they are capturing and have the tools in place to properly analyze and action on it. Learn more in Vicki Marsh’s article in International HR Adviser on The Data Analytics Journey.
  • “There’s an API for that.” We use APIs every day, from checking the latest weather on our smart phone, to buying the latest gadget on Amazon. APIs enable us to connect to data in ways we never thought possible and its transforming how we look at global mobility. Through the use of APIs, mobility teams can build a more collaborative and seamless environment of work, connecting disparate systems to create an integrated network to manage their entire global mobility ecosystem. Read the white paper, Applying an Ecosystem Approach to Global Mobility Management to learn more.
  • Improving the Employee Experience is paramount.
    According to the “State of the Connected Customer” report, 71% of employees want the company they work for to provide them with the same level of technology as they use in their personal lives. Another Deloitte survey revealed that 80% of executives rated employee experience important. It’s clear, no matter who you speak with, employee expectations are on the rise. And now, as more and more millennials enter the workforce, global mobility teams must find new and innovative ways to empower their global employees with real-time access to intuitive tools for the best experience possible. Watch how Equus tools can  improve the experience for global employees.

Technology has never been so exciting and Equus is excited to be at the forefront partnering with industry experts, like the RES Forum, to share insights and help businesses disrupt and transform their mobility program. Digitalization of global mobility solutions is the future for the global mobility industry.

Learn more about how our team’s passion for global mobility and innovative technology solutions can digitalize your global mobility ecosystem. Transform Your Program.

Contact us today to discuss your digital strategies and how Equus solutions can help you connect your global mobility ecosystem.

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