BDO & Equus Form Strategic Relationship

Automated Tool Will Help Clients Meet the Challenges of Managing a Global Workforc

BDO USA, LLP, a leading global accounting and advisory firm, announced it has formed a strategic relationship with Equus Software, to provide global tax logic for the software leader’s EquityPro solution. EquityPro is a fully-automated, cloud-based tool that helps companies calculate taxes and manage share plan withholdings for an organization’s international workforce.

“We’re proud to work with BDO to offer the next generation of global compensation planning services,” said Mark Thomas, CEO and Founder of Equus Software. “BDO’s global equity experience, combined with Equus’ mobility expertise will allow us to unlock value for businesses with employees anywhere in the world.”

The emergence of a globally mobile workforce has allowed companies to maximize talent where it’s most needed, but it simultaneously generated a host of challenges when it comes to managing global share plans. Companies need to navigate a web of complex tax jurisdictions to accurately withhold taxes on incentive compensation. Otherwise, they face a time-consuming and expensive correction process, as well as potential reputational damage and even risk harming relationships with their own employees. BDO helps companies define and avoid potential risks, as well as consider opportunities when designing cross-border incentive compensation.


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