Insights from Vicki Marsh

FEM speaks with Vicki Marsh​, Head of Operations at Equus Software​, ahead of the FEM EMEA Summit 2018


What impact did winning the EMMAs have on your career? 

Well, it has only been a year, but it certainly was well recognized within Equus as, well as across the industry – I’ll keep you posted on any further developments!


What key industry changes have you noticed in 2018?  

There’s definitely been more focus on technology to support business transformation, through integration, ecosystems and partnerships.

There’s also an increase in shorter, less clearly defined move-types and a growing acceptance, even enthusiasm (dare I say it?), towards mobility owning Business Travellers in general.

For 2019 I think our industry will see a clear focus on offering flexibility within policies, employee elections, business flexible self-service, etc… Now that there are sophisticated tools taking care of the hard work.

The topics for this year’s agenda reflect the changes in the industry well.


What did you think was going to happen as a result of winning the awards?  And how did the reality differ?

It was fantastic to be recognized, especially for doing something you love. Good luck to all those shortlisted this year!


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