Deloitte and Equus Expand Their Relationship

Today Deloitte announced that it has broadened its relationship with Equus Software by signing a value-added-reseller (VAR) agreement with the mobility technology company.

The agreement permits Deloitte to sell and implement a technology ecosystem that will revolutionize the way clients manage workforce mobility and track cross-border information. Deloitte’s offering will enable clients to integrate their mobility experience by combining access to data with innovative technology tools to better connect the entire mobility value chain of HR, talent, rewards and vendor systems.

“Organizations will now have an integrated, connected approach for their global mobility programs,” said Edward Hannibal, principal, global employer services, Deloitte Tax LLP. “We are excited to have a relationship of this magnitude with Equus and are proud to bring this transformative offering to our global clients.”

Global mobility programs have traditionally been complex, risk-filled, and disruptive to both employer and employee. Global organizations are routinely faced with a host of regulatory, tax, and compliance issues that are inherent in multinational workforces, with many managing compliance, data and country-by-country reporting regulations without fully leveraging available technology ecosystems.

Deloitte’s transformative approach, utilizing Equus’ leading technology platform, will enable companies to advance their digital approach to processes, program administration and employee experience.

With data increasingly driving decisions on deployment, return on investment, satisfaction and trust, being able to quickly provide data-driven reports and analysis is critical to building and sustaining global mobility programs that drive results.


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