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3 Tips for Posted Worker Compliance

Stay Compliant With The EU Posted Workers Directive

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Three Tips to Being Compliant with Your Posted Workers

The EU rules around posted workers – employees sent by their employer to work in a European country for a short period of time – have created an additional compliance burden on global mobility teams. 

The requirement to provide information to countries receiving workers has been enforced by the EU as part of its Posted Workers Directive, which is intended to ensure employees sent to work abroad benefit from the same labour conditions as their colleagues in the destination location.

Failing to comply brings risks that include financial penalties and naming and shaming of companies. There could even be bans by some countries on receiving short-term postings from non-compliant businesses.

And with the world still impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, navigating posted worker requirements is even more challenging, as immigration rules change almost daily and more people are sent to other countries to restructure business operations and supply chains. 

But compliance takes up valuable resources, including time spent on administrative tasks and the constant need to keep up to date with guidelines that differ by country. And there is often no oversight or consistency on a corporate level.

Following on from our recent blog Posted Workers: 6 Things to Remember for Compliance on the top issues to remember about posted workers and complying with the Directive, we’ve identified three ways to stay compliant – and how the Equus PinPoint Posted Worker Tool can help your organization achieve this while minimizing administrative burden and risk.

1. Track the application progress

It can be time-consuming and repetitive work to keep track of posted worker applications. This often involves requesting information from a number of stakeholders via email, which is then entered into spreadsheets. The information then needs to be inputted into the posted worker forms. 

With stakeholders, including mobility and HR staff, at the posting and hosting companies, as well as the employees themselves, it can be difficult to track progress, particularly if there are a significant number of mobile employees to manage.

PinPoint supports easy management of your mobile worker population by tracking the stage of each application, the people that have been asked for information, and any outstanding tasks. It does this through country-specific task lists that track actions required.

2. Automate as much as possible

With significant risk of submitting incomplete applications or missing application deadlines, end-to-end automation of posted worker reporting is crucial. 

The PinPoint Posted Worker tool includes automated triggers to generate cases for individuals to provide required information, and for applications to be submitted in time for travel.

In addition, PinPoint automatically identifies which mobile employees qualify as posted workers, depending on their length of stay and the types of activity they will carry out. It does this by connecting expenses, travel, security or other data using built-in rules for each country. 

The tool also automates the secure collection of data from a range of sources, such as HR systems, reducing the amount of information that needs to be provided by stakeholders.

3. Stay up to date

With individual countries approaching the Posted Workers Directive differently, and with rules changing frequently, you need to stay on top of requirements.

PinPoint regularly updates posted worker forms to ensure they include the latest eligibility requirements for each country. In addition, the Posted Worker tool enables different stakeholders to have an input into the process, to ensure all elements are covered.

These capabilities help minimize the risk of incorrect or missing information resulting in non-compliance.

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