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How to be hands-free with posted workers

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Learning how to be hands-free, not hands-off, with posted workers provides valuable benefits. The cost of not complying with EU directives on posted workers can be significant for companies. As well as financial costs in the shape of fines from host countries, running afoul of the EU Posted Workers Directive can result in bans on short-term employee postings and damage to brand reputation. 

Fortunately, the cost for companies to stay compliant with these regulations doesn’t have to be significant at all.

The directive governs the movement of workers around Europe and aims to create a level playing field for employees and protect their rights when they are sent to another country.

Meeting its guidelines is not a simple process. It requires figuring out which employee postings need posted worker registrations and which don’t, working out the country-specific deadlines to complete those registrations, and gathering all the relevant information from the employee, host country and posting country to make the registration.

And, to make things more complex, the rules can be different from one country to the next – some countries require registration eight days before travel, others just one – meaning organizations need to get to grips with all sorts of local differences, or risk finding themselves on the wrong side of local legislation.

The benefits of a centralized approach

To learn how to be hands-free, not hands-off, with posted workers it is important to first take a centralized approach to managing your posted workers. It can be tempting for businesses to take a hands-off approach and leave the management of posted workers to the local office: after all, they’re the ones on the ground in that country. Moving to a centralized approach, however, has several valuable benefits: economies of scale, streamlined oversight of posted worker management, and giving the company a whole-business view of their posted worker engagements, for example.

All those benefits can be multiplied by using software specifically designed for managing posted workers, by allowing businesses to move away from outdated, manual processes and a reliance on spreadsheets that almost always take far too many people and hours to keep up to date.

By using a single posted worker solution across the business, companies can move from a hands-off to a hands-free approach when looking after their posted workers. Allowing software to automate and streamline tasks free ups up time and saves the business money.

Technology can help relieve posted-worker headaches

Equus’ Posted Worker solution integrates with businesses’ travel booking systems to automatically identify when a posted worker registration is required. Once the need for filing has been detected, the app can begin to gather the right data from HR systems and identify any gaps in the information needed for a registration. From there, it automatically requests only necessary data from key stakeholders needed to complete the registration. And, once that data has been collated, the app can generate an employee registration ready for submission by the relevant HR professional – all with minimal involvement from across the business and from the employee themselves.

Equus’ Posted Worker solution offers dashboards that provide instantaneous intelligence into posted worker management: providing an at-a-glance view of the status of workers and tasks by geography, company, time and more. This not only saves HR professionals time and overheads in pulling together the information but automatically provides actionable insights too.

More posted worker travel ahead

The Covid-19 pandemic may have tempered cross border working at present, but demand is expected to rebound over time. When it does, businesses that have prepared for that recovery by automating as much of their posted worker management as possible will find themselves able to take a smarter approach, safe in the knowledge that their automated systems are doing the hard work for them.  

To find out more on how Equus’ Posted Worker solution can enable business to take a hands-free approach to posted worker management, click here.

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