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Equus Expands to Lively Lisbon. Read more.

We are pleased to announce that Equus has expanded to Lisbon!

With the rapid growth Equus is experiencing, especially among large clients headquartered in the EU, we wanted to build up more product development capabilities in closer proximity to those clients. So, we went looking for the best place to site a new development center.

Initially, we gravitated toward Prague, Amsterdam and Berlin. But then we looked at Lisbon, and all we could say was “Wow.”

Lisbon offers everything an entrepreneurial techie could want.

First of all, with several top universities, Lisbon has a deep pool of technical talent. That’s a big part of what’s driving Lisbon as one of Europe’s hottest tech hubs. Strong support from federal and municipal government agencies has also helped to spur job growth in the tech sector. Then there’s the lifestyle. Made possible by relatively low costs, the geography (right on the Atlantic!), a mild climate, and the beauty of the city itself.

For these reasons, we decided to locate our new office right in beautiful, historic, and tech-friendly downtown Lisbon.

Primarily focused on product development, the new office will house several Agile product development teams. Each of these teams will include business analysts, software developers, and quality assurance engineers.

equus new development centerThe old saying in real estate is “Location, location, location.” At Equus, we know that where they work makes a huge difference for employees. That’s why we chose office space on Lisbon’s famed Avenida de Liberdade. Often referred to as Lisbon’s 5th Avenue. This wide, mile-long street features top hotels, designer shops, and popular restaurants and clubs. The city’s central park and most of Lisbon’s top attractions are only a short walk away.

Equus is thrilled about having a new development center in the beautiful city of Lisbon and great country of Portugal.

If you find yourself in the neighborhood, please stop by so our Lisbon employees can say “Bem vinda!”

Check out our Careers page for open positions in Lisbon.

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