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The Equus Ecosystem: Global Mobility Connected

One of the complications associated with re-locating employees is the need to integrate and work with vendors and other external parties. Re-locations are complicated enough when you’re just working internally and dealing with company resources and personnel. Keeping everyone on the same page requires a great deal of effort.

Now imagine trying to work with vendors and parties who aren’t in your systems, who aren’t familiar with your company’s jargon and who don’t know your policies. In fact, you probably don’t have to imagine this at all. If you’ve had to re-locate employees, you’ve almost certainly had to do the hard work of interfacing with external actors.

Fortunately, Equus Software’s Equus Ecosystem makes looping in vendors and other external parties simpler than ever. With the Ecosystem, you can connect all of your company’s relevant participants while also removing friction points in your interactions with external actors. The Equus Ecosystem simplifies and streamlines the re-location process, empowering everyone to productively contribute to a re-location assignment.

How the Equus Ecosystem Can Work For You

As you surely know, there’s no such thing as a simple re-location process. Even a relatively straight-forward re-location involves a number of moving pieces – the end-to-end re-location process involves working with a number of internal and external stakeholders, navigating international regulations and finding the right talent for the job.

Re-locating an employee isn’t a one-person job. You’re working with colleagues, but, as we’ve already discussed, you’re also working with vendors and other individuals who aren’t in your company. How does everyone talk to each other to ensure a smooth re-location, especially when everyone speaks a different language (sometimes literally)?

The answer is the Equus Ecosystem

The Ecosystem enables all parties to a re-location to integrate with our AssignmentPro system. It is an end-to-end system that removes obstacles at every stage of the re-location process, ensuring that everyone is on the same page from the first step to the last. This is vital, as interruptions during the re-location process can introduce unacceptable delays.

The Ecosystem uses a public-facing web service to enable communication between disaparate parties working for different companies while also easing the flow of information between your Equus AssignmentPro system and the systems employed by other companies. There are specific, customizable portals for assignees, employers and vendors so all the parties can access relevant schedules and documents.

Any time you have a process with a lot of moving parts and diverse parties you will, by definition, have a number of points of friction. There are a lot of ways for things to go wrong, for misunderstandings to arise and for time and money to be wasted. When it comes to a smooth re-location process, simplicity and efficiency should be your priorities. The Equus Ecosystem is designed to ensure simplicity and efficiency are the defining traits of your re-location system.

If you’re looking for an integrated re-location system that will enable you to streamline and simplify your re-location process and achieve your company’s goals, we believe the Equus Ecosystem is the right solution for you. To learn more, please contact Equus Software online to begin a conversation about your company’s unique needs.

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Alan Bell

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