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Living Abroad? Manage Your Global Mobility Adventure

If you are moving abroad you need the right tools to manage your global mobility adventure. There are myriad of factors to consider when you are sent on a global assignment. You aren’t just moving your work, you are moving your life. From housing and transportation needs to the consideration of your spouse, children, and pets. Accepting a global work assignment can be an exercise in multitasking! There are many factors to consider when relocating to a new country as well. For example, the two story ranch style house you are accustomed to in Los Angeles could become a high-rise apartment in Sydney. Public school could change to private school. Your currency will change and you will also want to learn about the cultural differences of your new country.

However, while you have a checklist of personal items to review, your boss and team at work are expecting you to hit the ground running. Much time and effort was put into the specifics of your relocation. Your Global Mobility Coordinator has likely given you a breakdown of the basics, your new office location, when you’ll be arriving in your new host country, and which vendors can help you move your belongings.

Mobile Employee Experience
Mobile Employee Experience

Not sure how to manage your global mobility adventure? The good news is that your GM Coordinator can now arm you with a tool, the Mobile Employee Experience. A tool to quickly navigate that checklist in the back of your head, the one your spouse has been asking you about. The Mobile Employee Experience uses data from Living Abroad, a company that continuously monitors over 187 countries around the world. Living Abroad answers  questions like: “What can I expect the business culture to be like?”, “Where can I open a local bank account?”, “How do I get a driver’s license?”, “What are the school options for my children?” or, “Are kangaroos dangerous?”

Tax & Immigration

You can also use the Mobile Employee Experience to keep track of the tax, immigration, and other forms related to your move. You can connect with your Global Mobility Coordinator via the messaging feature to ask questions like, “Does the Sydney office use the same VoIP phone service as the US office?” Also, all of your move-related items will appear on your timeline, so you’ll know when your boxes will arrive! This is a result of an integration from your moving vendors to the Equus Ecosystem, but what you care about is as seamless of a move as possible!So, kick back, enjoy a darwin stubby (cold bottle of beer) and learn about what adventures are to come for you in the Outback on your phone or tablet with the Mobile Employee Experience!

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