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Equus Ecosystem Partner Spotlight: NetExpat

The Ecosystem is very excited to present one of our most recent partner providers, NetExpat. With the focus on improving global mobility and talent management for their clients, NetExpat offers a wide range of results-oriented and cost-effective training and coaching programs targeting mobile employees, to help them address the challenges that arise during a relocation or international assignment.

Below, Allison Eckhart, from the Sales & Marketing Team, shares her perspectives about NetExpat’ evolution and success, as well as the strategic decision to team with Equus:

“For almost 25 years, NetExpat has been a flagship in relocating partner support and intercultural solutions, in addition to a trusted leader in the global mobility industry.”


NetExpat is at the forefront of the intercultural industry offering blended learning solutions combining high tech tools and human led support in 85 countries.  We provide necessary cultural education to those with colleagues in virtual teams through short 1-hour trainings, we coach team leaders to build trust and effective teams via hyper reactive coaching solutions, and access to a range of scientifically validated cultural assessment tools. As a result, 98% of users recommend NetExpat’s services.

On the partner assistance side, NetExpat is best in class in supporting partners relocating domestically and internationally ensuring their well-being during the entire relocation process, as well as supporting dual-income families secure employment. With an average 95% satisfaction rate, 82% of the relocating partners who use our job search related programs secure a job. Our key performance indicators show the full picture: the families we serve appreciate and value our approach and support.

“We are honored to be part of the Equus Ecosystem allowing corporate clients the ability to manage all our services from A to Z on the Equus platform. Clients can also gather ongoing data as our services are delivered, which in turn enhances the employee experience. When a family feels as though their personal needs are being taken care of, they are more willing to relocate and more willing to complete an assignment. This trend results in a happy family and can lead to a higher quality talent pool of mobile employees for international corporations.”

Find out how the NetExpat community can help and support relocating partners and spouses on assignment by watching this short video. For more information about NetExpat, visit

Sheri Gaster

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