AsignmentPro Is Now The Equus Platform


Global Mobility is evolving - and so is our Platform.


Same great system, but better.

Equus has been the leading global mobility technology provider for more than 20 years. We strive to make great software fast and to constantly innovate and evolve with the industry. To keep pace with change, we overhauled our AssignmentPro platform to make it easy to manage all mobile employees in a single system.

As a result of this expanded functionality, we have renamed AssignmentPro to the Equus Platform.

One Platform for All Employee Mobility

We know that no two mobility programs are the same - which is why we offer solutions tailored to your program. Whether you are managing assignments, relocations, business travelers, remote workers or a mix of the above - we have a solution for your unique program.


A Comprehensive Solution

The Equus Platform offers visibility, automation and compliance tools to keep your business moving. Our full suite of features make it easy to provide a great user experience for mobile employees and keeps your talent management program running smoothly. 

Consolidate mobility data for a holistic view of your global workforce and gain valuable insights to fuel your talent mobility strategy. Equus offers self-service reporting and real-time dashboards so your key stakeholders have access to real-time analytics for data driven decisions.

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Make informed decisions on the right talent for your business needs with real-time cost estimates.

  • Run real or hypothetical estimates for one or multiple moves. 
  • Empower teams to create estimates on their own.
  • Get immediate and comprehensive results in a few clicks.
  • Achieve total cost reporting by comparing estimates to actuals.

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Secure monitoring and proactive management of all user activities relating to compliance with corporate policies and regulatory requirements, lightening the compliance burden and associated workloads.

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consumer-grade experience for globally mobile employees. Timelines, task lists and notifications keep employees in-the-know. Pulse Check, requestselections and self-initiations support them in the ways they expect in today’s digitally driven business environment.

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Transform your budgeting an compensation complexities into a streamline and compliant process.

  • Payroll calculations
  • Compensation automation
  • Expense management
  • Vendor invoicing

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Equus's Global Tax and Compliance Engines ensure smooth operations for your international workforce. 

  • The Equus Tax Engine powers cost estimates, balance sheets, and compensation calculations, helping you stay compliant.
  • Our Compliance Engine give you a simple and reliable way to manage corporate risk.

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Insights from AIRINC

The Equus Platform has a direct integration with AIRINC data, enabling you to pre-populate compensation calculations and cost estimates with AIRINC’s researched and benchmarked allowance and relocation cost values. This gives you instant and complete costing for your assignments without the need to manually enter and calculate the data.


Accelerate time to value.

Our new accelerated implementation approach enables clients to go live in 30 days or less, leveraging best practice templates and workflows to make sure you're realizing value fast.

This unique approach provides you the flexibility to tailor the technology to your unique needs, while also standardizing core processes to ensure efficiencies.

Key Features

Equus's comprehensive suite of features makes it easy for global employees
to stay on track and your mobility program running smoothly.

cost estimate

Cost Estimates

Pre-configured cost estimate templates to help you estimate assignment cost

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Document Management

Easily generate your assignment documentation and store everything in one place


Balance Sheets

Create balance sheets with hypo tax calculations from the Equus tax engine

self service

Business Self Service

Allow HR Managers to initiate moves & obtain key updates.

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Dashboards & Analytics

Powerful dashboards to show trends & highlight issues.

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Workflows & Checklists

Best practice workflows to guide your business process

integration (1)


Integrate data with your HR system and vendors via the Equus Ecosystem.

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Global Payroll

Calculate, automate and track global compensation to ensure accurate payroll.

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The Equus Platform


“The foundation we laid in our partnership with Equus has become a stable and trusted platform from which we continue to achieve the broader, strategic goals of our mobility program - often more quickly than we thought possible. Today, we are running a faster, more efficient program with which our leadership, customers and team members continue to become more and more satisfied.”

Global Mobility Compliance Lead
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