financial management

Get Control Over Your Program Costs

From cost estimates and budgeting to compensation and expenses, Equus's Financial Management tools have you covered.

Transform budgeting and compensation complexities into streamlined, compliant processes.

Seamlessly Connected

Equus integrates with your HR systems and payroll providers to ensure data accuracy, minimize discrepancies and maximize efficiency in compensation and payroll processes.


Evaluate compensation trends, manage budgets, and optimize strategies based on comprehensive analytics. Equus empowers you to align compensation plans with your organization's objectives.

Confidently Compliant

The Equus Platform ensures your budget and forecasts align with both global regulations and your business. Rest easy knowing that your financial projections are in compliance. 

Accurate Cost Estimates

Make informed decisions on the right talent for your business needs.

  • Run real or hypothetical estimates for one person or a group of people. 

  • Empower teams with a self-service tool to create estimates on their own.

  • Get immediate and comprehensive results with just a few clicks.

  • Achieve total cost reporting and compare estimated costs to the actual costs.

Comprehensive Compensation & Payroll Management

Cost Estimates AssignmentPro

The Equus Platform takes the complexity out of compensation and payroll, ensuring accuracy and compliance every step of the way.

  • Create balance sheets and pay packages with one click
  • Calculate hypothetical and actual tax
  • Push packages to employees and managers via portals
  • Create payroll instructions and payroll files en masse
  • Manage salary review with group recalculations and adjustments
  • Report pay to primary, secondary and shadow location(s)
  • Integrate/upload payroll results for compensation accumulation

Say goodbye to payroll complexities. Equus supports multi-currency, split pay and custom calculations and instructions. 


Reduce manual tasks, automate calculations and ensure accuracy so you can focus on supporting your employees.


Employees can easily submit and track expenses in the employee portal for quick routing and approvals.


Invoicing and Billing Made Easy

Equus simplifies your invoicing and billing process by streamlining how you manage your program receivables - such as employee expenses, supplier invoices, service fees, and referral fees. Generate accurate invoices for clients and seamlessly integrate receivables with your finance system for comprehensive tracking and reporting. With Equus, managing your financial transactions has never been more efficient and precise.

“Our Mobility technology gave us the platform to standardize the way we deliver compensation and payroll instructions around the globe. This has enabled us to utilize our resources more efficiently."

Oil & Gas Company
Implementation Lead

Support Your Organization's Global Success

Get your entire mobile workforce moving with one, comprehensive platform.

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